5 Tips for Pairing Menswear and Sneakers

Gone are the days when sneakers were deemed socially unacceptable, only used at the gym or for informal social gatherings. Once seen as the most casual form of footwear, high-end, designer sneakers have become essential for nearly all men’s wardrobes, with luxury sneakers taking over men’s footwear sales.

Long-lasting and durable, designer sneakers are an adventurous asset to your footwear collection. Sufficient for daily wear, trustworthy brands will last much longer than basic sneakers. As the most popular style of shoes, trendy designer sneakers are often sported by celebrities on the red carpet, incorporating comfort and class as a modern fashion statement. Knowing how to wear your sneakers is crucial in choosing the right outfit for an occasion.

We have put together tips on picking the perfect pair of sneakers and how to style them.

Know your Style

The most important factor when purchasing a pair of designer sneakers is selecting a pair that contributes to your style. There is no use in buying the most current sneakers just because they are today’s hype. Pick sneakers that will go well with the wardrobe you already own, as personality is commonly displayed in our clothing choices. You could even take to fashion magazines, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to gain inspiration on your own personal style and preferences before browsing any footwear stores.

Comfort should be the biggest requirement when investing in a pair of sneakers, making luxury designer sneakers worth every penny. Show off your expensive logo and enjoy ultimate comfort with a pair of quality sneakers.

You can find Fendi sneakers from SSENSE in a variety of different colors and styles to suit your personal taste and go with the kind of outfits you like. Nike Air Max, Adidas Originals, and Tom Ford are just a few more well-known trendy yet comfortable brands that will add fashionable style to an outfit and can be worn almost anywhere.

How to Style your Sneakers

A basic, classic pair of sneakers will put together any outfit. Knowing what to choose to suit your lifestyle and the events you attend on a daily basis may lead to tricky decisions. Different kinds of sneakers go with different types of outfits and occasions. Generally, most designer sneakers will do the trick of completing an outfit perfectly, however, knowing when and where they are best suited is a useful tool when dressing to impress. For example, events such as weddings could be a risky place to rock a pair of laid-back sneakers, a basic choice of shoes is not advised if a dress shoe is required. Luxury sneakers, however, could be an option given they fit the dress code requirements.

Ranges created by designers such as Christian Louboutin provide modern and classy styles. Luxury sneaker designs match blazer suits, switching from street casual to smart casual, finishing a formal dress code with ease in a current and contemporary way, helping to avoid looking too casual. Keep your outfit choices polished on top to match luxury designer sneakers, avoid wearing them with shorts or sports outfits. Smart t-shirts and slim bottoms are easy options to help with styling.

How to Pair Sneakers with Your Wardrobe

As the most adaptable footwear, sneakers will work well with all the casual clothing that you own. Paired with jeans, shorts, or tracksuits, you can rely on a trusty pair of designer sneakers to achieve an instant flattering look. Low top sneakers mix particularly well with shorts, relaxed jeans, and slim fit trousers such as chinos. The classic high-top design has been around since the 1900s, a well-known style choice, particularly in the 1980s. Used for both sport and leisure, high top sneakers always come back into existing fashion. Matching retro trainers with modern pieces is a common choice of style for many. Best for unconventional occasions, pair with skinny jeans and bomber jackets to compliment and accentuate a pair of designer high-tops.

Choose Your Colors

Black and white shades will keep selecting a pair of sneakers straightforward and simple. If you are investing in a pair of designer sneakers for the first time, a black pair could be a good starting point. If your typical style is colorful and bright, let your designer sneakers be a statement piece with brands such as Balenciaga, drawing attention to your eye-catching footwear. Wearing a pair of bright socks is a fun way to show character within your outfit.

Be a Minimalist

The logo speaks for itself, so you can keep the rest of your look as simple as you like and still be the coolest dressed guy in your group. To style a designer sneaker perfectly, avoid big logos and big prints in your outfit so all the focus is on the shoes.

Ultimately, designer sneakers are the best option for formal events or informal events, accommodating comfort, character, and fashion to support your apparel choices.