7 Best Business Casual Shoes Every Man Should Own

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Especially if the outfit is for a formal occasion, and you want to look your best in every way possible. This is where ‘business casuals’ come in. Gone are the days when formals were considered cool. Today, it is all business-casuals. From official meetings and interviews to weddings and funerals, there are a number of events that will open your closet and bring them business-casual shoes out.

At the most, you might require at least 3-4 pairs of dress shoes if you work at a business-casual office. Which should these pairs be? Well, here is a list of 7 best business casual shoes that you must consider adding to your closet.

  1. Oxford

Defined by its closed lacing construction, Oxfords are the most formal shoes on our list. An Oxford has a neat and formal appearance which makes it perfect for formal business settings. They’re also great for weddings and important parties. But remember to pair them with a formal or business casual outfit. Throwing them in with chinos and t-shirt will not only make them look out-of-place, but will also make you look overdressed. FarFetch and Planet Fashion are both great websites for your next pair of Oxfords.

  1. Derby

The lesser formal cousin of Oxford, the Derby is another classic dress shoe. Also known as Blucher, Derby has an open lacing construction, and unlike Oxfords, you can see the eyelets sewn on top of the vamp. These are great for business-casual occasions. While they’re not entirely formal like an Oxford, they’re definitely timeless and elegant. They’re also one of the most comfortable pairs of dressy shoes, thanks to their minimal design and open lacing. The Dapper Man will not disappoint you with its fine selection of Derbies.

  1. Brogue

Brogue shoes are a staple for men. The word ‘Brogue’ is derived from an Irish word which means rough or stout. The Irish preferred Brogues mainly due to the piercings, that helped drain out water during wet conditions. These piercings are what we see today on Brogues as their defining characteristic. In other words, any shoes with heavy perforations and pinking are Brogues. These make a great choice for formal and dressy occasions; however, they lean more towards the dressy side than they do to the formal side. To get your Brogue for the finest price, visit Myntra. Myntra lets you use shopping coupons to derive some good discounts.

  1. Chukka

Every man loves himself a pair of Chukka boots. Especially Zac Efron, who can hardly ever be seen without one. These are dressy and casual (sometimes too casual), and feature two to five lacing eyelets. Chukka boots have been around in the fashion scene since the ‘40s, and while they are great with every season, the best time to wear them is during winters, when you can throw in a casual trench coat into the mix too! Skinny jeans and chinos work like a charm with these boots. And if you plan to get a pair for yourself, we suggest you go for muted tones like tan, taupe or beige. Check out Darveys or East Dane for the best suede Chukka boots in the market.

  1. Loafer

Most casual on our list is a pair of loafers. These laceless slip-on shoes are a staple in men’s wardrobe. While you might already own a pair of loafers, you may be using it to dress down instead of dressing up. Thankfully for you, with the right techniques, loafers can be adapted to any business casual setting. For one, make sure your loafers are made in leather or suede. Secondly, make sure they’re in a shade of black or brown. While loafers come in all styles and colors, you wanna stick to neutral tones in a formal setting. When styling it, make sure your outfit includes a tucked-in shirt and a matching belt, to make the overall look trim and polished. Soosi and The Dapper Man are two must-visit sites for a lovely pair of loafers.

  1. Monk Straps

Another super-versatile, super-comfortable pair of dressy shoes is the Monk Strap shoes. These shoes have single or double buckle straps and have no laces. Monk Straps have a sleekness and sophistication that makes them a great fit for the office hours. But they also have a style and quirk, which makes them an equal hit at parties. Those pairs with double buckle straps, called Double Monks, are especially popular among men. They can be worn with jeans, chinos, or a regular pair of trousers, and unlike most dressy shoes, they look great in a shiny leather. Only make sure that you’re ready for the extra attention. You don’t wanna step out with these shoes if you’re planning to be inconspicuous. For the best collection, check out Flipkart, and Jack and Jacob.

  1. Dress Boots

Dress boots have the construction of an Oxford or Derby shoe, with the vibe of classic streetstyle footwear. These shoes have an above-the-ankle height, and are great for dressing up in formal or business casual outfits. They’re comfortable and mostly come out during the winter and fall seasons, as they offer maximum warmth and coverage. While dress boots traditionally come in black, brown, and tan, you can feel free to experiment with all colors of them, as they continue to be formal. A premium pair of leather boots will last you a long time, and go with almost any outfit. Check out OnShopDeals for some of the most premium and classy options.

That brings us to the end of this article. This was our list of the best business casual shoes every man should own. Do you own any of the shoes on our list? If yes, which ones? Also tell us in the comments which pair of shoes you’d like to buy in the future. Stay stylish, and stay trendy. We’ll see you next time.

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