Five Celebrities With Strange Vices

We all lead busy lives and it’s very important that we get to do the things we enjoy in life to counter-balance the time we spend working. For some of us a simple game of scrabble and a cup of tea shared with a spouse just isn’t enough and something much more is needed. Here we take a look at five celebrities with strange vices.

Ben Affleck

The latest actor to don the mantle of the Dark Knight has found himself a hobby after being trained by poker professionals Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. Since then he has played in high stakes games throughout his Los Angeles and even got banned from the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas after a series of wins aroused suspicions that he was counting cards. Sounds like something Bruce Wayne would attempt.

Anna Kendrick

On the opposite end of the scale Anna Kendrick found a love for Angry Birds. The Finnish strategy based game has recently had its own movie and remains one of the most successful tablet games. We can just imagine her sat in her trailer between takes firing the big red bird across the screen towards those naughty piggy’s. With such a busy Hollywood career (in the new movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Pitch Perfect 3 on the horizon) we wonder where she finds the time for Angry Birds.

Ozzy Osbourne

More known for his taste for bats heads, it turns out the Black Sabbath front man has quite the sweet tooth as well.  It turns out Ozzy has a fondness for the cereal Sugar Puffs. Ozzy loves Sugar Puffs so much that he was horrified when he discovered that his favourite breakfast wasn’t sold in the USA. Fortunately, help was at hand as Ozzy got in touch with Honey Monster Foods and has come to an arrangement that a bumper pack is sent to the US whenever Ozzy leaves the UK.

Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy’s soon-to-be ex-wife also has a an interesting hobby. She’s not just a fan of bingo but she’s also an authority of the game. She previously had her own website full of tips. She’s not alone in this passion. She’s found an unlikely friend in Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid winger found his love for the game when he was given a bingo DVD game to help improve his English.

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Rod Stewart

His album and single sales have been estimated at over 100 million and now we finally know what Rod has spent his fortune on. Model train sets. The British singer has a 1,500 square foot model of New York’s Grand Central Station which he constructed during his downtime on a world tour. As a result Rod often finds himself on the front of Model Railroader magazine, which he claims “is better than Rolling Stone.”