How to Adjust your Closet for the New Season

As summer reaches its end and the fall season begins, major wardrobe changes are in store.
The shift from the shorts and tank top outfits to sweaters and flannels are currently happening for all.
September is often considered “fashion month” in the fashion world, as it’s the last time to show off your new summer clothes and outfits, before the temperature drops and these clothes must be put away.
As October nears, fall trends start to appear and it’s time to buy your new clothes for the new season.
By adjusting to the new trends and upcoming tendencies, it’s very likely that your closet will need a reorganizing and that some clothes will have to go.
However, we all know it’s difficult to get rid of the clothes and outfits that were once your favorite.
Some choose to donate clothes, some choose to throw out clothes, and others choose to simply keep everything and hope their closet magically expands to make room for their new purchases.
An option that should be considered for those fashionistas that hate throwing away their clothes is personal storage.
Used as an extension of your closet and wardrobe away from home, storing clothing is a way to keep everything, while still cleaning out your closet and making the much needed room for your new purchases.
Storage in Montreal and other locations offers an option that should most certainly be considered, at affordable options.
Once summer comes around again, or other season’s stored clothing, there’s always the option to go back to your favorite outfits from the previous year.
This fall, new trends are coming about and there are some that are must-see. highlights the newest and up and coming trends for the fall 2015 season.

Here are some of the trends that are listed:

Bling: Classic jewelry is back, rather than the excessively large jewelry in previous seasons
Lady Loafers: A mix of comfort and style that can go with any outfit
Carwash Pleats: A way to show off your legs while still maintaining the comfort and appropriateness for the weather
Furry Feet: Fur shoes to add the perfect texture to any outfit. Just make sure not to wear them with your fur coat.
Cuffin’ Season: Stay away from the complete fur coat look and just stick them on the cuffs of your sweater!
Gloves: Short gloves or long gloves are a perfect way to look good this fall season!
It’s also important not to forget about some of the classic fall trends. The following are trends year in year out for the autumn season:
Scarves: A perfect mix of warmth, comfort, and style to compliment an outfit. The perfect accessory.
Boots: Either leather or UGG type boots, they are a great way to make an outfit just what you want it to be!
Plaid: The design perfect for the fall season, on shirts or sweaters!
Sweaters: Throw a sweater on top of any shirt to stay warm and look good!
Evidently, there are tons of new and classic trends that will give you a reason to hit the closest shopping mall and spend. Make sure to have room in your closet for all these new products right where you want them by clearing out the outdated and out of season fashion!