Perfect Fashion Picks For Your Man

As it is fast approaching the holiday season, I’ve been looking at gift ideas for guys. Picking out something suitable for a boyfriend or partner is never easy. But if you choose to buy him a new outfit for winter, then you can at least enjoy the challenge! Buying fashion is something we all love to do. What better way to spend our Christmas shopping expedition than hunting down some fabulous fashion?

All guys love a great pair of jeans. To choose the right cut for your guy you need to sneak a peek at what he is already wearing. Guys can get funny if you pick something they’re not comfortable in whether it looks great or not! To save his ‘stuff’ getting too squashed, just go with what he knows. Now it’s up to you to find the right denim wash to bring his fashion up to 2016.
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This season is all about sexy knitwear, especially for guys. Even if your man doesn’t yet rock the cardigan, he could be about to. Pick one with a cute V-neck with a roll. Wooden buttons look high-end and classy. The wool blend shouldn’t be bland either. Best of all, there are some lovely soft woolen textures out there at the moment. If you really don’t think he’ll go for the cardi, a traditional roll neck wool jumper could still be perfect.

Does your man like tees or shirts? The good news is there are plenty of both about at the moment. Lots of tees have great prints on but be wary about getting anything too festive. Slogans and favorite comic book characters are trending right now. Pick grays and browns for this season. Shirts should have a good collar and cuffs that need links. They should be the focus of his outfit.

Accessories are big for guys this season. Not only could you get him a great set of cufflinks, but you might want to dress that wrist up with a stylish watch. The Shinola Collection is American made so there could be the perfect watch there for your guy. Choose a color that suits him more than his current wardrobe choices. After all, fashion changes every season.

Now the cold weather is starting to set in, get your guy a long scarf in wool or a blend. They look good with any jacket or coat. Choose a thinner one for a smart-casual outfit. Chunky wool scarves look amazing with duffle coats or winter parkas. The best thing about scarves this season is the variety of colors. There are plenty that offer almost a rainbow of colors in one. Now all he needs is a wooly hat to complete the look. Even guys can wear floppy berets. Shop for his face shape.

I love shopping for fashion, so I’m really going to enjoy the holidays this year. If you’re shopping for your favorite man, head on up to the menswear department and see what you both might fancy. Why not make it even more fun and shop together?