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The retro look is back! And Rosegal is proud to give you the opportunity to select a genuine treasure from our suddenly hot vintage jewelry collection here.
Sorting through the endless choice presented on the web can be confusing at the best of times but if you love shopping as much as i do and you have access to million of products!
Retrò jewelry is timeless because good taste never goes out of style just like your love.
At Rosegal have a special collection of antique and vintage rings, earrings, bracelets and more, all handcrafted using the finest materials that could be had.
Not many know that the vintage bijoux are not always only second hand.
It would be a shame, moreover, did not know that behind every vintage jewels is a piece of history, customs and art, but also social, cultural, economic and technological.
Each speaks of decades that has seen many changes in the world and also gives us the opportunity to understand that behind each jewel soul exists and that it brings together so many meanings.
They transmit the codes, tell us about events or legends, and remind us that the jewelry is an art, that art jewelery that has been passed down over the centuries thanks to the talent and to the serious work and meticulous of his teachers.
The relationship between the history and the jewel is intertwined over time.
In the first half of the twentieth century, with the birth of cinema, fashion and jewelry had a single common purpose: being at the service of the cinema and the glamor of Hollywood stars.
RoseGal is a different place by proving that it’s possible to be up to date with the of the moment trends without spending your whole month’s wage on one garment,try our best to save costing for global fashion lovers.
Coolest inspirations and killer garments so that customers can get what she is looking for at the same place without having to shop at several destinations: RoseGal is a global online shopping destination.
Products include in this web shop are: Women Clothing, Lingerie, Accessories, Handbags and amazing Fashion Jewelry suitable for every occasion.
There is even a interesting section dedicated to vintage.
The vintage style as being a uniquely timeless fashion statement, effortlessly embodying and capturing the essence of classic fashion.
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