Six Wallet Types to Buy as Gifts for Men

If you are looking for a gift for a brother, uncle, or your father, a leather wallet can be a good choice. It is something every man needs no matter their age. There are several wallet types to choose from, including the six listed below.

Money Clips

While a money clip isn’t really a wallet, it does serve the purpose of holding money. It is also easy to conceal because it fits in the front pocket of a man’s trousers, so he doesn’t have to worry about having his pocket picked. Money clips can be made from metals such as silver, platinum, and brass, or they can be made from metal that is covered in leather.

Card Wallets

If you just need a small wallet to carry a few cards, such as your bank card, credit cards, or identification, then a card wallet may be ideal. They are slim and can easily fit in the front pocket of your trousers or you can slip it into the pocket of a suit jacket. Most of them have a small insert in which you can fold a few pound notes or place coins for convenience.

Bi-Fold Wallets

Probably the most common wallet type carried by men of all ages is the bi-fold wallet. Bellroy Wallets produces slim bi-fold wallets that can be easily concealed in the back pocket of a man’s trousers or in the inner pocket of their suit jacket so it can be easily reached. Leather bi-fold wallets can last for decades if properly taken care of, because leather is a very durable material.

Coin Wallets

Many companies make leather bi-fold wallets with one side that has a zipper so you can carry coins in your wallet instead of your front trousers pockets. This prevents you from jingling as you walk or carrying a handful of coins that can weigh down one of your trousers. In addition, at night, you don’t have to worry about emptying coins from your pocket because they will already be in the wallet when you take it out of your trousers.

Tri-Fold Wallets

Like a bi-fold wallet, a tri-fold gives you enough space to carry pound notes and any cards you need on a daily basis. Many trifold wallets are slim enough to conceal in the front pockets of trousers if a man doesn’t want to carry it in his back pocket, or it can be placed in an inner pocket of a jacket. Although most men’s wallets come in leather, you can find tri-fold wallets made from nylon for both boys and girls.

Chequebook Wallets

If you want a wallet in which you can carry pound notes, credit cards, and a book of cheques, then a chequebook wallet is ideal. It easily fits into the inner pocket of a suit jacket or coat, but some men do carry them in the back pocket of their trousers.

These are six of the most common men’s wallets that you can buy for the man in your life.