The 8 Kitchen Accessories Sure to Impress Your Guests

If you’re house proud and like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you might be interested to know which kitchen accessories will impress your guests the most. The following 8 accessories are very handy to have nearby in the kitchen, and will no doubt have your guests admiring them:

1. A Great Dishwasher

A great dishwasher will have your plates and cutlery coming out looking shiny and new each and every time. You won’t even need to rinse them first, just stick them in and wait for the magic to happen. Very helpful to have around the home if you’re sick of doing the washing up by hand.

2. A Nice Dinner Set

A nice dinner set is a surefire way to impress your friends, especially if you’re going to be serving them dinner on it. The Marc Newson dinner set, for example, is a sophisticated looking set that will look good in any kitchen.

3. A Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is a fab way to leave dinner cooking while you get on with your day. It slowly heats up veg, meat, and other foods to leave you with a tasty dish when cooking is over. You can get standard crock pots that you need to set yourself, or you can buy fancier crock pots that even change their settings to warm once your meal is cooked through. A real time saver!

4. A Good Blender

A good blender is essential for making soups, smoothies, and other dishes. The best blenders won’t get too hot when you’re using them, and can blend ice with no problem at all. Multiple settings will help you to get your dish just right.

5. A Sharp Set of Knives

No kitchen is complete without a set of sharp knives! If you use low quality knives on food such as meat, you can end up ruining the cut and compromise the look and flavour. A sharp set of knives will ensure that you get all of your dishes spot on, time after time.

6. An Egg Timer

What guest wouldn’t be impressed by perfectly timed eggs? Many of us struggle to find the balance between hard boiled, soft boiled, and runny. Never have to guess again by using an egg timer!

7. A Zip Hydrotap

The zip hydrotap is a very special appliance. Remember all of those times you’ve had to wait for water to boil? Well, not any more! This appliance instantly dispenses boiling water, ready to be used for a number of kitchen projects. It even dispenses freezing cold water at the touch of a button too. Did I mention it’s also filtered?

8. A Heated Floor

A stone kitchen floor, although good looking, can be very cold to tread on. With a heated floor, your guests will never need to bring a spare pair of socks to your house. Walk on the floor barefoot, and you’ll be kept toasty. Very impressive!

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