Ultimate Festival Style: Stunning Must-Have Items

Getting festival-ready can be a real struggle for some people. If you have already bought tickets for your favorite event, it is time to start planning your outfits. Ensuring that you look stylish, chic and attractive, should be your sole goal. When you hit the festival, you want to look incredible. You want people to turn their heads when you walk past them because you will look effortlessly sophisticated. Festival style is all about bohemian fashion and functional clothing. That means that you need to choose pieces, which will look fashionable, while still being comfortable.


Image: Flickr


Skater Dress

The skater dress has been a festival favorite for many years now. When you are choosing a dress, you need to look for one that is ultra-feminine and chic. Some skater clothes tend to look quite butch, because of the way the designer has cut them. You want to avoid these dresses, as they will not flatter your figure. Instead, choose a piece that comes in at the waistline to give you a curvaceous look.


Chic Kimono Cardigan

As you might already know, the kimono cardigan was a massive trend back in 2014. Well, it is not going anywhere fast. The fantastic thing about this style of cardigan is that it is light and comfortable while still looking en vogue. Many high street stores now sell these pieces, but it is worth getting a quality cardigan so that your look is unique. Everybody will have a high street kimono, and so you need to find one online that is bespoke. Many independent retailers now stock kimonos, and so you should be able to find one that is unique and beautiful.


Converse Sneakers

At the festival, you will be on your feet all day long. You need sneakers, which will be super comfortable so that you can make the most of the event. Converse sneakers are classic festival footwear, and so they are perfect for 2015. If you own a vintage pair of Converse, you can wear them to the festival, and they will look fabulous. If you don’t have any sneakers, you can get some online easily. Make sure that you match the color of your sneakers to the central color of your outfit.


Diffraction Glasses

No outfit is complete without a beautiful pair of sunglasses. Diffraction Glasses are super cool and functional, and so they are a must-have when you are packing your festival bag. There are many different styles of sunglasses from which to choose, and so you can get a pair that suit your individual sense of style. It is best to plan your outfit before you buy your glasses so that you can get a pair that will suit your entire look.


Sometimes, it rains at festivals. When that happens, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun of the event. The problem is that if you stay out in the rain, your outfit will get wet, and you will be uncomfortable. You should buy a waterproof poncho for the event. You can roll the poncho up and keep it in your bag until you need it. That way, it the weather changes, you can keep yourself dry and still look fabulous.


Statement Necklace

To complete your stunning festival look, you need a massive statement necklace. You should look online to get some unique pieces. Stores, such as Etsy, often have a range of handmade statement pieces, which would be ideal for your look. Bohemian pieces and tribal jewelry are extremely popular right now, and so you should look out for pieces in this style. Remember, when you are choosing a necklace, bigger is always better.