Which Watch is The One for You

Choosing a watch can be difficult, with all of the choices you have out there. There’s pretty much every watch imaginable available today. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns – you name it, there will be one out there somewhere! How do you decide which watch is for you? Take a look at the following watches and see if they sound like something that would suit you:



The Sporty Watch

The sporty watch is perfect if you’re the kind of person who’s always at the gym, or doing something outdoorsy. These watches will be made to withstand different temperatures, and perhaps even sweat – nobody likes a sweaty watch! Usually, the strap and face will be made from durable material, so they won’t get any annoying scratches on them.

The Dress Watch

The dress watch is great if you’re always going out to formal events or socialising. Everybody needs a dress watch in their jewelry box! Depending on the kind of statement you like to make when you go out, you can find plenty of different styles. Dress watches can come with lots of different sparkles and in multiple finishes, or just simple and classy if you prefer.

The Laidback Watch

This watch is perfect if you prefer to keep a casual air about your look. The laidback watch still looks nice and cool; it’s just perfect for all kinds of occasions. They usually come with a leather strap, and a nice, clean looking face. The handmade watches by Shinola are similar to this style.

The Patterned Watch

The patterned watch is usually a more casual piece, but it’s great if you prefer to make a statement in your day to day wear. You can find all kinds of patterns on watches these days, from ice cream sprinkles to polka dots. Fluoro watches are available, but it can be difficult to know how to wear one. This post should give you some inspiration. You can even find art work on some watches these days!

The Bracelet Watch

The bracelet watch allows you to tell the time, all while looking like a fashionable bracelet on your wrist. The face is usually quite small, and it may look like you’re wearing one or more bracelets. These are very fashionable and can be worn with almost any outfit!

Watch Features

On all the various types of watches, there are different features. You may find a watch face with lots of sparkles, or a plain face made from beautiful mother of pearl. Some faces may have numbers, while others may simply have hands. Some faces will even tell you the date, so they’re perfect for people who always seem to forget what day it is.

Some watches are totally waterproof, while others are only waterproof for a certain amount of metres. Some shouldn’t be worn in water at all. It’s up to you to decide what kind of watch you’d like, as well as the features you’d like to see in a watch, in order to choose the ideal one for you.

Image Taken From Flickr