5 Complete body workout for better results in less time

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) works best by enhancing workout efficiency while, at the same time, reducing the time it takes to see results. Another perfect option to see better results within a short time is by performing total-body routines.

You should know that every workout routine such as weightlifting, and running, etc. technically have total-body effects. For instance, when lifting weights or performing a bicep curl, you put several muscles to work. However, the term “total-body workout routines” has to do with routines that comprise of advanced movements and engage several muscle groups.

Here are 5 total-body routines that enhance results in less time:

  • Pressing to Squatting: To commence this routine, you need a pair of equally-weighted dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in your hands at the shoulders. Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart from each other in a standing position. Ensure that your toes are pointing slightly outward. Begin your routine by sitting backward. Ensure that your knees are kept spread apart. Squat below parallel and ensure that you maintain a straight lower back posture at all times. Now, move your heels while pushing ahead.
  • The reverse lunge with pressing: While holding 2 dumbbells (any weight will do) in your hands — be sure they are placed close to your chest. Take one step backward in a reverse lunge movement then move the weight above your head as soon as you get in the right posture. Return to your initial posture and repeat these actions while alternating your legs. Alternatively,  you can buy anabolic steroids USA to get similar results.
  • Pullover and hip bridge: Start from a prone posture. Keep your knees bent and place both feet on the ground. Hold a light weight in your right hand and try reaching your right arm over your head. Make use of your glutes while raising your hips by pressing into both feet. Ensure your arms remain straight while lifting the weight over your face. Go back to the original posture and repeat the actions.
  • The turkish getup routine: With a weight held above you, maintain a prone posture on the floor. Be sure that your right foot is flat on the ground and your right knee is bent. Be sure to keep your left leg and left arm at your side. Roll towards your right elbow by pushing through your right foot. Be sure to keep a straight left arm afterward. Push your hips upward while squeezing your right glute. Place your left leg behind and beneath your body. Lunge to a standing posture by moving your torso upwards. Reverse these actions as you descend. Perform a set of reps for the left side then switch to the right.
  • The snatch: Place a kettlebell or dumbbell a few feet in front of you while maintaining a deadlift posture. Explosively drive both hips forward and push the weight upward between your legs with your hands. Be sure you are swinging the weight upward to an overhead posture whenever you change your grip, much like practicing a push press. Return the weight to the floor and repeat the movements.

The routines listed above will get you better results in less time.