The Perfect Fashions for Long Summer Evening BBQs

When combining any outfit, you need to pay attention to practicality and function, as well as whether or not you look good. It is currently summer, as I’m sure you are aware and I don’t need to tell you that there will be BBQs and garden parties galore over the next couple of months, but you need to dress accordingly. Here are this year’s best summer looks and why it’s important to balance fashion with preparedness for the ever-changing weather.

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Light and ‘Flow-y’

The best thing for a hot summer’s day is often a light fabric that flows which allows your body to feel any breeze that’s in the air and let it cool you without having to stuff ice cubes down your top every five minutes. Summer dresses never go out of fashion as they’re so versatile and so you’ll always have something to wear for the hot summer days. A word of warning: try and find a sleeveless (or short sleeved) variety as BBQs usually feature communal eating with a lot of bits and bobs and you don’t want your flowy sleeves dipping into the potato salad or coleslaw.

The Alternative

If you’re not in the mood for something that’s light and that flows, then the alternative, which again never goes out of fashion, is the classic shorts and tank top look. It’s simple and yet if you’ve got the body for it, will slay anyone that looks at you. Keep things basic with a plain-ish set of flip-flops and maybe a lightweight bracelet and necklace and you’ll be ready for the chicken legs and Pimms.


The only issue with the light and floaty dresses or shorts and tank top look is that when the sun starts to go down, it can get a bit chilly, unless you’ve got a good patio warmer or chimenea roaring on the patio. To combat this, you need to embrace all things sheepskin. Sheepskin is so soft and luxurious and has so many variations, from gloves to slippers and even trendy sheepskin blankets, meaning you can stay warm whilst feeling like you’re wrapped up in a warm cloud… and look stylish.


Accessories are great and can be sued to stunning effect when complementing any outfit; however, you don’t want to be sat in the hot sun with a massive brass necklace burning into your oesophagus. The current jewellery trends incorporate a lot of heavy metals (not Black Sabbath and Metallica t-shirts; the other kind of heavy metal), which, whilst stylish for a summer ball, don’t work in the garden, so maybe go for something more in-keeping with the hippy chic look. The other option is to tone down your accessories so they’re light and delicate, meaning you can be more bold and loud with your clothing choices.

Summer is a brilliant time of year as it’s very versatile, but in a different way to winter. You don’t have as many decisions to make as you will want to be wearing as few items as possible, however you will need to be pairing these items to maximise the effect. Keep things simple and you won’t go far wrong.