5 New Cosmetic Surgery Trends

People have always looked in the mirror and been disappointed with what they saw. The urge to reinvent yourself has been strong for years. The rise of celebrity culture has seen the desire to mimic the stars. Sometimes, we just want to slow down the process of ageing. Whatever the motivation behind the desire for change, many take drastic steps to alter their image.

Cosmetic surgery has risen fast. The number of people wanting surgical changes to their bodies is increasing constantly. There are so many options available now and the prices are coming down. Nose jobs and breast implants are becoming more and more commonplace. The quest for beauty is only just beginning. With that in mind, what are the newest surgical alterations on the market? Procedures are always changing. Let’s take a look at a few.

The Wrinkle Filler

Collagen and Botox have been a staple of the cosmetic surgery world for years. However, they are only a temporary solution. They are typically an injection of bovine collagen, so the body slowly breaks it down over time. It recognises it as an alien body. The new ‘Wrinkle Filler’ takes collagen from your own body and grows it in a lab. When it is injected back into your wrinkled areas, the body accepts it. The effects last much longer.

Dental Implants

People have always wanted the perfect smile. Many have had their teeth chemically whitened over the years. Now a new service is available to replace missing teeth or fill gaps in your smile. Dental implants in Turkey with Longevita are very common thanks to lower prices than elsewhere.

‘The Lunchtime Boob Job’

So called because it only takes an hour to have the procedure. Unlike the boob jobs of old, this doesn’t require any surgery. Instead of implants, the breasts are injected with a special formula to increase size. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve the giant growth of implants and they won’t last as long. However, they are a cheaper and faster way to increase cup size. There’s no scarring either.

3D Facelift

This new type of facelift is far less intrusive than its earlier version. Instead of cutting into the face, a small incision is made near the ears. From here, the sagging tissue can be pulled back into place. It’s a fast and less intrusive way of bringing back the fullness to your cheeks. You’ll reduce scarring and suffer less healing time.

Chin Implants

This is now a very popular procedure in Hollywood. The surgery alters and defines the shape of your face by reshaping your chin. The idea is to create a slimmer silhouette and a more striking profile. Requests for this procedure have doubled since 2010 and look set to continue.

Reshaping your body and reducing the signs of aging is now becoming cheaper and faster. As more and more people opt into surgery, the procedures are becoming more sophisticated. Boob jobs now take only an hour and wrinkle fixers last a lifetime. Cosmetic surgery shows no signs of slowing down and who knows how far it will go.