Top Fashion Items You Need for That Chic Look

Looking chic and trendy for different occasions doesn’t always have to be difficult. You just need the right fashion items to mix and match. In fact, it is easy to create different looks – all incredibly chic – when you have these top fashion items in your closet. Which items should you have and how can you combine them with other fashion pieces?

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A Comfortable Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is definitely one of the must-have fashion pieces today. You can never go wrong with a flannel shirt, especially if you’re going out with friends or you’re attending a more casual occasion. Flannel shirts come in different colors and cuts, which means you also have complete freedom to create different looks.

A flannel shirt works really well with denim shorts or jeans. Go with warmer color such as red or orange if you want to pair the shirt with darker jeans. The color combination works well with every skin tone and will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

If you’re wearing a pair of jeans with your flannel shirt, you can also add a pair of ankle boots and a beanie for a whole new level of chic. If the flannel shirt is big enough, it is even possible to add a belt or a scarf around the waist.


Anything from a regular, plain sweater to a piece from Ugly Christmas Sweater can be mixed and matched for a more casual look. The latter works great with shorts and jeans too, especially on colder days during fall and winter. The combination will keep you warm and will make you look awesome for sure.

A plain sweater is even easier to pair with other fashion pieces. It simply works with everything from jeans to corduroys and skirts. You can mix it with a pair of sneakers or boots and it will look just as good. Get one in black, cream or grey and you’ll be able to get various chic looks rather easily.

A Utility Jacket

This last fashion piece on our list is a handy item to have nonetheless. A utility jacket with its front pockets and a sleek cut can add a new layer of awesome to your outfit. It works really well in elevating a simple look to a sophisticated one. A utility jacket is also very timeless, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of style.

You can pair your utility jacket with a nice black maxi dress. The combination works even better when you add a pair of ankle boots and a cross-body bag to the look. Another thing to do with a utility jacket is to pair it with lighter colored shirts, such as a plain white v-neck shirt and a pair of dark jeans.

These fashion pieces will definitely help you look gorgeously chic for different occasions. They are easy to mix and match too, which makes them all must-haves for those of you who love to look great and casual at the same time. Experiment with these pieces and you’ll find endless look combinations to play with.