How to Make Yourself Look Younger in a Matter of Minutes

Looking younger is something that so many people want to do, but think they can’t do it without expensive surgery and injections. Luckily for you, this isn’t the case! There are a few things you can do that will help you to look younger in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!

Apply a Face Mask

A face mask specially made for wrinkled skin should help to fill out your lines and leave your face feeling moisturised and smooth. You only need around 10-15 minutes spare to apply a mask, and even less if it’s the cloth type that you just lay over your face. Make sure the mask you use suits your skin type. Investing in a high quality mask with great ingredients could be a good idea if you have the budget. Collagen is a popular ingredient in anti-aging treatments.

Apply a Special Cream

There are creams out there that actually do what they say on the tin, believe it or not. Lifecell anti-aging treatment is just an example of one of these creams, helping to smooth the face in just moments after application. Look at creams like this as an investment.

Use a Primer

Priming your skin before you apply makeup is essential. Some people even like to apply primer and wear it alone! A good primer will smooth out your skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections. It will also help your makeup to last longer if you plan on wearing it!

Use Clever Makeup Techniques

Clever makeup techniques can instantly help you to look younger too. The key is to avoid makeup that can get stuck in your pores and lines and go for lighter, more radiant looking makeup. You could even mix a little highlighter in with your foundation to give a radiant look, if you like. Sponges and makeup brushes are becoming more advanced these days and can give a professional look.

Whiten Your Teeth

Yellow, discoloured teeth will always make you look older. Whiten your teeth with some home strips, or use the coconut oil pulling technique for a cheap and easy method that really works wonders! Avoid food and drink that stains for the best result.

Use Eye Drops

Eye drops can help to brighten tired and red eyes, so give them a go and see if they make you look more awake. Just one or two drops should do the trick, but make sure you follow the instructions on the packet to get the best results. If your eyes feel irritated afterwards, you should stop using them. Don’t buy cheap drops to save some money or you could regret it.

Of course there are other techniques that can help you to look younger, but they will take consistency to make a difference. Exercise, eating healthily, and drinking plenty of water can all help you to look younger over time, as can a skincare routine and occasional salon treatments. If you want to look younger fast, the techniques in this guide are for you. Any tips of your own? Leave a comment!
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