The very visible invisible

For a Los Angeles advertising photographer, the summer rhymes with pictures of girls with bare shoulders and tanned legs.
For an Italian designer, summer means easy textiles and bright colors.
Every one has his own definition of summer and if it somehow relates to clothing, it is also related to naked parts of the body.
So when we’re talking about summer clothes, we’re talking about summer lingerie.
But is there any difference between the regular body lingerie and the summer one?
In summer, the fashion police is working really hard towards the crimes committed by the girls all around the world, regarding the so called summer lingerie.
So let’s talk about that annoying and just huge mistake some of us make in summer.
Let’s talk about the horrible horrible plastic transparent silicone bra strips.
The unaesthetic invisible bra strip is one of the worst inventions that have ever been made in the lingerie industry.
Do you really feel like they are invisible? Come on, everyone can see them and there is nothing invisible about them.
Those plastic strips are really terrible: they look cheap, glossy, they leave red marks on the skin and, by the way, they can be seen from a huge distance!
And I’m also talking about the ones that have small crystals or heart/flower/star miniatures on them….ugly.
The point is that there is absolutely no need in creating visual illusions of lingerie invisibility.
If your outfit does not allow you to not wear a bra but at the same time it requests one, be creative.
Combine your lingerie with your dress or top and make the whole outfit look awesome.
Let them be of different colors and materials. As long as the whole outfit looks good, there is no need to worry.
And if you’re a Rihanna fan and you’re not afraid of the risk, wear no bra at all.
Vicoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur and many other brands make amazing, beautiful, sexual and delicious lingerie.
If you have a gorgeous bra that you want to be seen by everyone, make it happen.
In summer, you’re allowed to do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t involve the very visible ‘invisible’ bra strips.