Chic Apartment Decor Ideas For A Modern Girl

Christopher Barson

When we fly the nest and move into a beautiful place of our own, we try to stamp our personality on it. After all, you don’t want to decorate it the way your parents would, do you? They are ancient and don’t have your eye for style and fashion.

If you are lucky enough to have just taken possession of an apartment, you need inspiration to help you turn it into a chic but sophisticated place. Somewhere you can impress and entertain your friends. You have come to the right place. This article is packed with ideas to help you achieve your goal. Read on and take from it what you can.

Deal With The Lighting First
As the title suggests, correct lighting will enhance every other improvement you make. If you get it wrong, however, it can detract from your efforts and spoil the whole scheme. Employ an electrician to make alterations to the wiring because it is unlikely to be suitable for your needs. Modern designs do not make use of a single light source. You must combine many to achieve the best effects. Remove the central light fitting and replace it with many recessed LED lights. Because they do not hang down from the ceiling, the room looks less cluttered than it did before. Think about lights under shelves and in glass-fronted cabinets too. All of these things help to create a mood in your rooms.

Don’t go out and buy a three piece suite; that would be a mistake. Look for individual pieces instead. If you have a small living room, modular corner sofas might be the perfect solution to provide plenty of seats without dominating the space. When you search for tables and other standing furniture, buy the best you can afford, even if that means you must make do with less for the time being. Quality pieces of furniture speak for themselves when people see your home.

Window Dressings
Some curtains may suit a modern apartment, but I would choose blinds every time. There is a massive range from which you can choose; here are a few examples.

• Venetian blinds have been around forever, and are still attractive; especially those with wooden slats. They bring a natural look to the room, with a modern twist.
• Roller blinds give you the opportunity to find colours that match or contrast the shades on your rooms. They are simple to install and attractive.
• Pleated blinds look fantastic in conservatories, but they suit apartments too. I find that the smaller the pleat, the classier they look.
• Vertical blinds bring a commercial look to the room. That is the impression that many people strive to create. They are a modern choice and are versatile in every situation.

Soft Furnishings
Don’t underestimate the power of soft furnishings in your design. Scatter cushions, throws, and bedding ensembles can instantly transform a room when you feel like a change. You can buy them cheaply these days too; you don’t have to put up with the same ones for years anymore.

It isn’t hard to create a stunning ambiance in your home these days thanks to the products from which we can choose. I hope you agree. You will enjoy this transformation, but remember it is fluid and will never be complete. I think the term is ’a work in progress.