Five Luxurious Facials

Women on the hunt for the fountain of youth need only look at these top five facials. The luxurious facial treatments are rumored to produce age-defying results. Using innovative ingredients and highly skilled estheticians, top spas around the globe treat skin conditions while delivering unparalleled pampering. These spa facials combine the foundations of skin care that is taught in esthetician school while including cutting-edge technologies and ingredients.

Bee Venom Facial
Royal reporters and beauty bloggers are buzzing about Kate Middleton’s secret to youthful, flawless skin. It isn’t great genes, but it is natural! Touted as nature’s Botox, bee venom facials have been enjoying increased popularity. Bee venom is an ingredient in several luxury skin care products. The venom “tricks” skin into responding as if it had been stung! The active ingredient is an anaphylactic, which relaxes the muscles and improves circulation. Fans of bee venom facials notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and plumper skin. As a bonus, it heals acne and scars. The price tag for this facial can range from over $112 up to $55,200.
White Caviar Illuminating Facial
Want brighter, more luminous skin? Try this La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Facial. The golden caviar promises to diminish age spots while giving skin a fresh finish. Appropriately, this luxury facial is offered at the Ritz-Carlton in New York. The price tag is a cool grand. In addition to the $1000 facial, the caviar line offers La Prairie body treatments for the ultimate decadent indulgence.
The Geisha Facial
This time-tested technique that might be foreign to some estheticians, but it has been a beauty secret of geishas. The Japanese created this facial treatment based on the recipes used by the geishas. One key ingredient is guanine, which students in esthetician school will likely recognize as a popular ingredient in beauty products for its shine enhancing properties. But, what’s the secret ingredient? Bird poo. Yes, bird poo contains an enzyme that gently exfoliates. Skin is left soft and luminous. Skeptical beauty editors have tested the bird poo facial and given it their seal of approval. Compared to other luxury facials, The Geisha Facial is surprisingly affordable at only $215.
UMO 24-carat Gold Facial
It’s not the crown jewels, but this 24-carat gold facial give skin the royal treatment. For $650 and the cost of a flight to London, women can turn back the hands of time. Once again, a cosmetics firm has looked to Asia to create an innovative skin care treatment that blends tradition with technology. In the UMO 24-carat gold facial, the esthetician gently massages the face before covering it with sheets of pure gold. This facial does it all — smooths, firms, and brightens!
L. Raphael Oxy Star Anti-Pigmentation Facial Treatment
Graduates and current students in esthetician school will recognize this Swiss skin care company. For over twenty years, L. Raphael has been an innovator in cosmetics and medical aesthetic services. This $1560 treatment allows the client to choose from several oxygen-infused services. Clients will indulge themselves at the Palace Spa in Gstaad, Switzerland. Additional treatments include anti-cellulite and firming treatments, as well as their L. Raphael Oxy Peel Perfection Elixir facial therapy.
The key ingredients to a luxurious facial treatment
• The most sought after facials utilize traditional ingredients that have been proven to improve the skin’s appearance. However, savvy cosmetics companies embrace innovation. Cosmeceuticals and organic ingredients weave together to create the best blend of ingredients.
• Only the most skilled estheticians are qualified to perform these delicate procedures. Luxury spas recruit from a qualified esthetician school to ensure that their staff is well trained. To prepare for a career at a luxury spa, estheticians must have a firm understanding of the foundations of skin care. Also, employers seek staff that are committed to their profession and continuing their education to stay current on new trends and technologies.