Trendy Halloween Costume Ideas You Should Really Consider

Dressing up for Halloween is always a bit of a challenge. You need to find the right balance between a stunning – and awesome – look and keeping it affordable. Thankfully, there are plenty of great costumes and looks to consider for this Halloween, and most of them can be achieved even when you’re on a tight budget. In this article, we are going to take a look at some trendy Halloween costume ideas for this year’s Halloween.

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Be Your Own Snapchat Filters

Snapchat is huge this year. We’re seeing a lot of new augmented reality filters on Snapchat. Each of these filters can be your next look for Halloween and they are equally awesome.

The popular Snapchat Rainbow Mouth look, for instance, is very easy to achieve. You need a set of makeup in rainbow colors. You may also want to add a pair of heart-shaped or round sunglasses and some time before you go out Trick or Treating.

All you need to do is apply rainbow colors starting from your lower lips all the way to your neck. You can then add some sparkles and glitter before applying other makeup. If you want, you can simulate that jumbo eyes the filter usually generates by applying light-colored or white eye pencil.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

She stole everyone’s attention as she navigates through the stories of Suicide Squad. Played by Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn is officially the coolest female character in the movie; she might even be the coolest character of them all.

Harley Quinn has a very unique look to her. A blonde hair with that signature t-shirt and short shorts are among the things you need to sport this look. You can buy pre-made costumes or sets too, which makes dressing up as Quinn a lot easier to do.

Keep in mind that there are several versions of Harley Quinn costumes or looks out there. The more classic joker-like look is an interesting version to choose for this Halloween too, but the movie costume is definitely the one everyone will recognize almost instantly.

The “What is the Color” Dress

A black-and-blue (or white-and-gold, depending on which side you’re on) shook the world in 2015. The dress was the subject of debates and arguments all around the world. For this Halloween, going for a “What is the Color” look can bring up those exciting days in a second.

There are dresses designed to feature both colors side by side, which makes this look even more interesting. People will recognize the dress immediately too. On top of that, the dress – featuring a gorgeous silhouette that will flatter the shape of your body – will make you look absolutely stunning for Halloween. Pair it with a nice, casual hairstyle and some light makeup to look your best for the party.

These are some of the ideas you can borrow to look trendy and stunning this Halloween. For more Halloween costume ideas for the season, be sure to stay tuned right here on Tr3ndyGirl.