How to Take Care of Gold Jewelry

Gold is a priceless stone that can keep its luster for a lifetime if taken care of well. If you buy a gold bracelet, or ring, or watch, you can pass it from generation to generation without worrying about any changes depending on where you purchase it. Buying a genuine gold piece, however, does not mean that you do not have to give it any additional treatment.

If left with no proper treatment, even a genuine gold jewelry piece can succumb to dents and scratches. Other things that could damage your gold jewelry include moisture, dust, sweat, abrasives, acids, chlorine, and many other harsh chemicals. Below are some of the treatment measures to take to ensure that your gold jewelry stays in good form always.

Jewels treatment tips

Remove rings and bracelets while cleaning

One of the first attempts at keeping your gold jewelry in good form is by removing rings and bracelets when you are doing any cleaning. Some of the reputable brands such as Georg Jensen make quality gold bracelet for women that come with easy to open buckle hooks.

If you cannot remove the pieces of gold jewelry, at least wear rubber gloves to protect them from water and any abrasives. It is also essential to remove all your gold jewelry before using a hot tub or before going swimming.

Frequent polishing and cleaning

The one thing that makes gold stand out is its luster. To maintain this luster, you need to clean and polish your jewelry items at least once a month with plain lukewarm water and mild detergents. To be on the safe side, always use a non-abrasive cleaner specially designed for gold jewelry.

Do not use substances such as baking soda or toothpaste on your gold jewelry. Always rinse the jewelry with lukewarm water and make sure the place you use for cleaning does not have open drainage holes. When drying the items, use a lint-free cloth that feels soft to the touch. Do not use anything that might cause scratches to the surface of the gold items.

To remove any scratches and smudges on the gold jewelry, polish the items regularly. Regular polishing helps to maintain their golden glow. You can get a polishing solution from your jewel store. You can also take your gold jewelry to a professional cleaner once or twice a year.

Besides using water and detergents, your gold jewelry will get an inspection to determine its status and go through cleaning using other equipment such as steam and ultrasonic machines. Your gold jewelry may also need buffing and steaming to make them maintain the luster and shininess.


How you store your gold jewelry will also determine their longevity and durability. For the best care, store each piece of gold jewelry separately in a plastic bag. You can also wrap each one of them with soft tissue and store them in a pouch or a jewelry box. If you decide to use a jewelry box, make sure it has several fabric-cushioned compartments to avoid any scratches. You can also add silica gel packets to absorb moisture.

Remove the jewelry while going to sleep

Some people sleep with their jewelry on, but if you want your bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that last longer, remove them before going to bed. Another reason for removing all kinds of jewelry before going to sleep is to avoid harm coming to you or the items you are wearing.

Wrapping it up

Gold does not change, corrode, or tarnish if left on its own. Wearing the gold pieces regularly, though, changes them as they accumulate damaging products such as body oils, dust, soap, and even dust. Regular cleaning, polishing, and proper storage of gold jewelry mean you can maintain their luster and shine for a lifetime.

It does not take much time to do so, as evidenced by the guidelines above. The above maintenance tips should be enough to guide you through in keeping your gold looking good for your next generation