Nissan Rogue: This balanced crossover lacks uniqueness

The all-new Nissan Rogue is on the streets and is quite a bold move by the company. The new SUV Crossover by Nissan has a lot to offer. The car is equipped with the latest technology to make your drive smoother and easy to handle. Nissan is committed to reinventing every bit of driving by the all-new driver assistance feature enabled in the Rogue. We will look inside the minute details of the car and the performance it delivers along with tech specs and driving configuration. The impressive SUV will be a definite hit among the adventure lovers and who wants to get into dirt and glory.

The Nissan Rogue is loaded with intelligent features which will assist you every time you fancy the car. The intelligent Lane Intervention system with an Automatic Emergency Braking system will take care of busy streets and unfavorable conditions. The car also fancies Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep you hooked to your favorite music or digital entertainment.

Getting into performance this crossover is loaded with a 2.5-liter Diesel Engine with 16 valves, 4-cylinder. This powerful engine keeps the horsepower upwards of 170 @ 6,000 rpm. The torque delivered on the wheels is around 175 lb.-ft turning over 4,400 rpm. The high power at the wheels does not mean a low economy. The Nissan Rogue mpg of around 25 in the city and upwards of 32 on the highway. The car also has two drive modes the Eco mode and the Sports mode. In sports mode, the car loses some traction and you can rumble with it pushing performance boundaries in any terrain. The car is built to conquer roads of any type. The drivetrain is an FWD in the 2018 Nissan Rogue.

Brakes in this car are pretty top notch. A 4-wheel vented disc brake system ensures performance with an additional 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which keeps your car straight and command on the steering wheel in low traction surfaces. The intelligent electronic brake distribution system ensures precise braking in every condition.

In the exterior portion, the 2018 Nissan Rogue is just amazing. You can expect a muscular SUV crossover look with a touch of high-performance curves. The car offers 17-inch Aluminum alloy wheels which gives a bold look to the car. You have options to choose many alloys as you prefer it. The tires are custom all-season tires which keeps performance at its peak in all seasons. The Halogen headlights and LED taillight adorn the exterior of the Rogue, and it also features intelligent equipment like daytime sensor and auto lighting systems.

The interior of the car is very comfortable and is made of premium materials, giving it a sporty vibe. The interior is having a 6-way manual driver’s seat with a 4-way manual front passenger seat. The signature EZ Flex seating system developed by Nissan makes the seats more comfortable and easier to fold, recline or slide. The upholstery is a high-quality cloth-trim which keeps the seat cool and airy in all seasons. The interior door handle has a gunmetal finishing which adds on the sports vibe.

The infotainment system in the new Nissan Rogue is an all-time best. Along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can fancy a highly interactive Nissan Connect 7-inch touch-screen

display with hands-free text messaging assistant. Rear-view monitor makes it quite easy to look around with high resolution. The in-cabin microfilter keeps the cabin free of macro-particles around you. The cruise control with steering wheel mounted switches gives you direct access to all the techs and infotainment systems. Highly responsive tilt and telescopic steering column take care of your command instantly. The 2018 Rogue will definitely be a good choice to try this year.