Promtimes Bridal Fashion

If you are looking for your wedding dress, you should know that there are many models and styles of clothing all different! Each type of dress suits brides with very different physical characteristics and characters. We will present 9 styles of wedding dresses with models of the newest fashion collections of Bridal dresses on Promtimes, discover what they are and what type of dress for you!

1. Mermaid Wedding Dress

The wedding dress mermaid is a model fitting to the knees, like a sheath, which extends down to create the tail of a mermaid. Is siting definitely sexy, suitable for small women, high and proportionate. Perfect for brides who want casual and bring out their silhouettes.

2. Princess Wedding Dress

The model princess, one of the most loved and dreamed by future brides, is the classic wedding dress without sleeves with wide skirt, that giveth to all women. Not to exaggerate, if the skirt is very voluminous is better to prefer a simple top. The dress princess-style dress is quintessential romantic!

3. Peplum Dress

The wedding dress peplum is indicated to mask small defects, thanks to its particular shape to reshape the body and hides the forms a little ‘more round. It’s a model with an irregular shape which is inspired by antiquity.

4. Petticoat Dress

The model is the least slip winner with brides, but very sensual and elegant, perfect for an evening ceremony. It’s a usually satin dress, with plunging necklines and for that on the back and the neckline with thin straps. It is indicated for women tall and thin, with not too pronounced forms, flat stomach and narrow hips.

5. Empire Style Dress

The model empire building is going out of fashion in recent years. It recommended for pregnant women, with an ample bosom and hips important. And ‘it characterized by a wide skirt and soft side just below the breasts. It’s a dress very comfortable and perfect for weddings on the beach or pool.

6. Sheath Wedding Dress

The wedding dress sheath is a close relative of the model in siren. It suits brides high, proportionate and shapely shoulders to put in the foreground. Sexy and sophisticated, it is a close fitting, very feminine that enhances the forms.

7. Bustier Dress

Undisputed star of this model is the corsage: tight and made rigid by splints, straps and padding. The neckline can be round or in the heart; the length depends on the size of the sides of the corset. Given the importance of the bodice, the skirt is simple and proportionate.

8. Wedding dress with tiered skirt

The skirt is the strong point of this model: large, swollen with layers of tulle to create the “cloud” effect. He does not suit the brides or low tondette to avoid “meringue”, but instead is perfect for tall and slender figures.

9. Short Wedding Dress

The short wedding dress is suitable for very young brides. One must distinguish between the mini dress, for those who have beautiful legs and only be used in common, or short dresses that reach the knee, to wear for religious marriages.

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