Top 4 Fashion Trends for Women to Watch Out in 2020

It’s time to say goodbye to 2019 fashion and aim for new, fresher, or vibrant clothing trends of 2020. If you are looking for some great clothing ideas to update your closet, then review the following:

#1: Red Lace Dresses

If you are someone like me who loves wearing different shades of red, then you may be pleased to know that 2020 is going to be the year of red sparkly dress. You can expect to see a lot of red lace sparkly midi dresses on online stores and branded outlets. Have you ever heard that saying, “when in doubt, wear red?” Well, it is absolutely right because a red dress is known to elevate the hottest look and steal the show. I would suggest a red lace dress is necessary for your wardrobe. It is best-suited to switch your attire game on special occasions. If you are looking to buy a flaming red hot lace dress, then visit Miss Runway Boutique or check online for the beautiful collection.

#2: Billowy Dresses

Next, I have billowy dresses on my list. It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that these dresses are going to leave a significant positive impact in 2020. Billowy dresses are known for voluminous, fluffy, and loose-fit styles. Perhaps, you have seen a lot of such dresses on the runways of Loewe, Valentino, and Molly Goddard. Blowy dresses are going viral everywhere. You cannot miss out on the collection available on Zara and Merlette. A billowy dress can be your perfect option to wear on vacation, dinner night, or beach day. The bubblegum, light-colored, organza billowy dresses are a more suitable style to wear this spring.

#3: All the Pleats

Have you ever liked the idea of all the pleats, crimps, or creases? Well, embrace yourself as 2020 is going to rule with all the pleats. I have seen that style at Issey Miyake, Pyer Moss, and Chloe. All the pleats look great with subtle colors like light pink, blue, or green. However, you can also expect bold colors and snakeskin prints this season. The one-shoulder neon color gown is the ultimate win under all the pleats category. Leopard print pleated skirts are going to be widely accepted by the young ladies. Moreover, you can also expect sweet-colored all pleated shirts with leather pants and statement handbags.

#4: Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves favor the romantic style of dramatic and voluminous sleeves. In 2020, puffy sleeves are going to dominate the runways, like Carolina, Herrera, Emilia Wickstead, etc. So when you desire a little bit of oomph in your outfit, you can add dashing puffy sleeves. These voluminous and sheer-looking sleeves will instantly make your dress sexy and eye-catching. You can stitch a floral-printed top with puffy sleeves to wear on casual days. You can pair it with a leather skirt or even denim jeans. If you are looking to add a statement dress in your closet, then I would recommend you to get a bright-colored high collar mid-length top with real drama on the shoulders.