2019 Resolution: Love Your Work

We’ve all been stuck in jobs that feel like one big dead end. Maybe yours isn’t challenging enough, or maybe the reward to effort ratio is completely stacked against you. Regardless of why your job has gotten stale, there are plenty of reasons for you to use this new year as the perfect opportunity to launch a new job hunt and try out some new work looks.

Decide What You Want To Try

Being undecided on what work you want can put a crimp in your ability to pick a new job. You may feel paralyzed because you have too many choices, or overwhelmed because you don’t think your options are vast or varied enough. One of the best things you can do before you start job hunting is to narrow down your field of interest. What are you looking forward to trying? Is it sustainable? Exactly how far from your comfort zone do you want to go? Figure these out first and then start looking for jobs that match.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something Totally Different

It can be intimidating to try an entirely new career path no matter what stage of your career you’re on. However, there are more similarities between industries and job fields than you might think. If you like the sound of a new field, give it a try! Don’t think about how different it is from your last line of work. Instead, focus on the similarities and work from there.

Focus On Honing Your Skills

After you decide what you want to try, it’s important to start honing skills directly related to that profession. This is going to be easier if you picked a field that’s adjacent to what you had been working in before, since the lessons and skills learned there can transfer over to a degree. Learning new skills won’t be the end of you either, though. These days, there are plenty of resources online that allow you to find affordable, flexible classes covering everything from bookkeeping to teaching English as a second language.

Try Online Searches

If you really want to get matched with a job you love, you should give online job indexes a try. Sites like these are perfect for hunting since you can narrow down your search and get back relevant, meaningful results right from the start. Employers are always posting ads for their jobs on sites like this too, allowing for a constant influx of fresh, up-to-date positions that are waiting to be filled.

Look At Things From A New Angle

With the workforce changing every day, new opportunities are constantly becoming available to people who keep their eyes open. Don’t box yourself in by sticking to the things you know. This can include methods of application, job hunting, interviewing, or even looking at the career paths you want to walk. Shake things up, try things entirely outside of your comfort zone, and keep a careful watch on trends in the employment industry to see where you can find a workable path.

In doing some or even all of these things, you could find yourself well on the way to getting a new job. Whether it’s in a field you’re comfortable with or something entirely new, there’s no better way to start off the new year.

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