4 Benefits of Paraffin Wax Treatment

Your hands and feet go through so much every single day, but it’s easy to take them for granted until they start showing problems and it’s already too late. While keeping your hands and feet clean and having them massaged every now and then is good, you might also want to consider other ways of taking care of them, such as paraffin wax treatment.

Paraffin wax treatment is a fairly simple but rather interesting treatment method commonly offered by your typical spas and salons. However, you can also do the treatment in your own home thanks to products like Missha Paraffin Heating Hand Mask. During the treatment, your hands and feet are dipped in a tub of heated paraffin wax several times until they are coated in multiple layers. Afterwards, the hands and feet are covered with plastic bags and wrapped in hot towels. Once the towels (and the wax) have cooled down, the hardened paraffin wax is removed, along with dead skin cells trapped in it.

How is this treatment different from the rest? A paraffin wax session provides the following:

1. A Soothing Experience

Immersing your hands and feet in hot wax may seem like a scary thing to do especially for those who haven’t tried it before, but it’s actually harmless and some people even like the warm sensation. In fact, some believe that the heat from the wax, when evenly applied throughout the surface of the hands and feet, improves blood flow in those areas. This relaxes the muscles and gets rid of stiffness in the joints.

2. A Quick Thermotherapy

A paraffin wax treatment, aside from soothing the muscles, can also provide the benefits of a short thermotherapy (therapy using heat) session. This type of therapy can be used to help minimize inflammation in injured joints and even lessen muscle spasms. The increased blood flow in the treated areas can also help speed up the healing process. It’s a perfect treat for people who put their hands to a lot of work and those who are prone to sprains and joint problems.

3. Skin Benefits

One of the most well-known benefits of paraffin wax treatment is that it helps the skin on your hands and feet stay healthy. By removing dead cells on the skin surface, the treatment cleans the pores on your skin, allowing them to secrete sebum — an oily substance responsible for keeping the skin and hair waterproof. This greatly helps in keeping the skin moisturized and prevents the occurrence of dry or cracked skin.

4. It Makes Other Treatments Easier

Because paraffin wax can help soften calluses and dry layers of skin, it is highly recommended before manicures or pedicures. Because the calluses are softer, they will be much easier to remove later on. This decreases the risks of over-exfoliating and cuts down the time it takes to finish a manicure or pedicure.

Quick Tips on Paraffin Wax Treatment

Just like any other skincare treatment, getting the best results is all about getting the treatment done properly. Check out some tips on how to make the most out of your paraffin wax treatments.


· Paraffin wax tends to cool down slowly, but you can prolong the heat by adding extra layers of wax. You can also use plastic liners and boots to cover your hands and feet to slow down the cooling process.

· If you have cracked or scaly patches of skin, apply a small amount of hydrating lotion for better results. Don’t forget to apply more lotion after the treatment.

· If you’re using paraffin masks, be careful when lifting the mask to avoid injuries.

· Try to move as little as possible while the wax is cooling so that the paraffin can properly adhere to the skin surface.

Whether you’re getting a professional service, doing it on your own with a friend, or using a paraffin mask on a regular basis, paraffin was treatment will always be a great way to keep your feet and hands healthy — and possibly — pain-free

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