4 Best Engagement Ring Designs That Are Trending In 2020

If you’re looking for an engagement ring for yourself or your fiancé, you should opt for a customized design to match your style and needs with trending designs. This way, you can get outstanding quality for your money. Here I’m going to shine a light on the best engagement ring designs that are in huge trend these days:

Diamond Solitaire with Understated Details

You probably agree that solitaire pieces can never go outdated, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Solitaire rings are the ultimate classy, and they look absolutely elegant on every hand. In 2020, they are highlighting different choices, for instance, princess-cut, cushion-cut, round-brilliant-cut, and fancy diamond shapes. Solitaires with understated details are the most trending options of this year. Couples are greatly accepting solitaire style rings as they can offer subtle features, discrete appearance, and extra sparkle. Solitaires with understated details simultaneously put the focus on center diamond and also lets the ring’s subtle features to twinkle. You can consult Solitaire Jewellery if you are looking to get a beautiful ring for your big day.

Blue Sapphire Pave Sunburst Engagement Ring

This engagement ring design works well to pair a round-shaped diamond with a halo of blue sapphires. The little blue sapphires around a focal stone are perfect to immediately enhance the ring’s beauty. Due to these sapphires, a center stone starts to look more impressive and more prominent. You can even opt for a different type of gemstone to place in a halo. If you like, you can surely switch from blue sapphires to red rubies or small-sized diamonds. Moreover, for a ring band, you can also choose from a variety of metals. These days, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are popular choices for a band. They look stunning with a brilliant round cut diamond and blue halo stones. Blue sapphires sunburst is an excellent choice for your engagement ring.

Elongated Diamond Shapes

Elongated diamond shapes are also popular in 2020 because of their elegant and striking cuts. Diamond cuts including emerald, oval, and elongated cushion & pear are particularly skyrocketing over the last few months. Many brides are seeking inspiration from Pinterest trends. They prefer custom made elongated diamond shapes. Undoubtedly, an elongated cushion engagement ring is a popular choice when it comes to your big day. It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that many famous celebrities, like Katherine Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez, Bindi Irwin, and Kelly Dodd, are supporting elongated diamond ring designs in 2020.

White Gold Bird of Paradise Ring

Lastly, on my list, I’ve to mention this ‘white gold bird of paradise’ engagement ring due to its awesome cut and unique design. It is one of my favorite styles when it comes to rings, but honestly, it is hugely trending in 2020 because it beautifully features pave-set diamonds with multiple marquise shape sapphires. This ring style exquisitely creates a bird of paradise appearance. The ring is structured with twelve small-sized diamonds, center stone, and four mid-sized blue sapphires. If you’re looking for a stunning engagement ring, I would suggest that you get this unique design.

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