5 Fashion Tips to Learn From Shakira

Shakira is amongst the most renowned pop stars on the planet and has her own style that has made her famous all around the world.
She takes statement accessories and humble colors and makes stunning rock and roll propelled outfits. Look at her outfits and you will notice a certain pattern in them. She is in love with highly contrasting, bind, grunge frill and tight pants, in addition overcoats.
Here are 5 fashion tips that you can learn from Shakira:

Wear Your Shirt The Way You Want To

Shakira loves to show her midriff, while not everyone would want to do that, you can know how to wear men shirts without looking odd.
She is said to pick her spouse’s shirts and tuck them in when she feels like. The coolest factor is how easy she looks wearing them.


Shakira wears a wide range of jeans, however, they are for the most part tight fitting. She is known for tight-fitting jeans. To get this look, you might have to wear pants that are one size smaller than you would ordinarily wear. However, make sure it isn’t too tight or too uncomfortable. They should fit you from the thigh area.
Pick pants that are in sharp colors or in warm neutrals. Shakira often wears sharp colors as well including orange, and tan.


What makes Shakira’s outfits so noteworthy are the frills that she wears. They have become her style statement of sorts. Most of her accessories have a Middle Eastern touch to reflect her Lebanese legacy. She gets a kick out of the chance to wear little Middle Eastern stuff like scarves, decorations and different jewelry that speak to that piece of her life. You can get such pieces at PearlsOnly and other such sites only.



When it comes to shoes, Shakira has no specific style. On one side she loves to wear boots and on other she can rock a nice pair of Jimmy Choo heels. In addition to this, she is also often seen wearing flats.
What works is that she always matches her shoes with her outfit to stand out. However, most fashion gurus believe that the trademark Shakira look is boots with zips, however she seems to have ditched the style now.


Shakira sets the room ablaze, her haircuts are eye-catchy, wild and amazing. Shakira doesn’t play with her hair a lot, and likes to keep ‘em simple for the most part.
There was a time when her curls were a rage, but she has since tried new styles and they all were met with a great response.
Shakira truly is a diva who knows how to look good. One thing you can learn from her is to be confident in whatever you wear. You’d be able to rock it, even if you wear the worst outfit with confidence.

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