5 Tasks to Keep Your Summer Garden Singing

Winter is tough as you wait for spring to arrive and the joy of planting. In a surprisingly shot space of time you’ll be faced with summer and while you enjoy the garden you also need to be aware that there are a variety of tasks which must be performed. If you don’t do them your garden will quickly become a barren wasteland!

1. Cut The Grass

As soon as the sun comes out your grass will start to grow. It is likely that you’ll need to cut it approximately every two weeks. It’s a good idea to invest in a quality mower whether it is you cutting or your husband mows the lawn.

However, as summer warms up it is important to cut the grass on the highest setting of your mower. This will help to prevent weeds from growing as they won’t be able to get the sunlight. It can also prevent you from getting barren patches.

2. Water

The hotter the summer the more your plants will need your assistance to get their vital water. Any plant which is in full sun is likely to need more water than those in the shade.

However, you should always water your plants in the early evening as the sun starts to fade. This will help to ensure the water is absorbed by them rather than evaporating in the sunlight. You can test your soil by sticking one finger into the soil as far as your knuckle. If it remains dry then you’ll need to water.

3. Weed Control

One weed can quickly turn into many weeds. You need to have a strategy to deal with them. Mulching your flower beds is a great way to prevent weeds from getting sunlight and stop them before they start.

However you also need to be vigilant and remove them as soon as they appear. You can use weed killer, remove the weed by hand or even burn them. The trick is to get the root out and do so before they start to seed.

4. Pests Are About

The exact pests you’ll experience will depend on the plants growing in your garden and your location. Slugs and snails can eat virtually any plant but you can create beer traps to eliminate this issue.

You can also use organic pesticides to help keep the little insects away. If bigger animals are the issue you may need to add protection to your plants to ensure they remain safe.

5. Add Supports

As summer continues your plants will start to really blossom and grow. It is important to add support as they need it; this will help to ensure they not only continue growing but that they grow in the direction you want them to!

Trellis or stakes are the easiest ways to support your plants and make sure they look as good as you want them to. Being visually aware will help to ensure that you garden remains under control; allowing you to enjoy the space and the sunshine.

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