A guide to choosing the best summer fabrics

In summer, with high temperatures, to survive the heat it is important to wear clothing that let the skin breathe. There are types of fabrics that in contact with the heat of the body already in itself, sticking to the skin, heat and create discomfort, imagine them worn on these days where the skin sweats and then a real patatrac happens. Therefore I advise against wearing synthetic polyester fabrics such as satin, lycra and jersey which overheat almost automatically.
Therefore it is good to prefer summer fabrics that are able to keep cool.

The best fashion fabrics to wear in summer season

The ideal fabric for summer is certainly cotton, cool and suitable for all types of weather. Ideal for spring wet days, this natural fiber is breathable and does not “squeeze”, but allows you to move freely without sweating your body. Lightweight, comfortable and with a high absorbency, cotton favors the evaporation and dispersion of moisture absorbed by the body. Cotton is a fabric that is obtained from the hairs that cover the seeds of the homonymous plant.
There are various types of cotton and are distinguished according to their origin, one of the most valuable is the Sea Island, soft and silky is suitable for more refined work.

The chambray fabric, is a woven cotton was very fashionable in the past. Its appearance is similar to denim, with the advantage that it favors greater perspiration and reduces perspiration by being very light to wear. For warm and dry climates, the most suitable fiber is instead rayon, created from cellulose extracted from trees to obtain a texture that, depending on how it is composed, can remind the touch of silk, wool, cotton or linen . Not being a natural fiber, it tends to expel less moisture than cotton. On the other hand, if it is light in color, it absorbs the light better and helps to stay cooler.

In spring and summer, linen is also good, which is among the oldest fabrics. It has the advantage of ensuring maximum breathability and being gentle with the skin, avoiding chafing and redness. Moreover, it is very easy to iron: just spray a little water on it with a spray bottle and smooth the folds with your hands. Finally, in the closet of the next six months can not miss the mixed fabrics, which, being synthetic like rayon, reduce excess moisture and are perfect for wet climates or, if you think about athletic clothing, to play sports and physical activity. They do not require being ironed and, despite repeated washes, retain their shape as newly purchased. Linen is a cellulosic natural fiber fabric that is extracted from the stem of a plant (linum). The linen can be found as a fine fabric, or heavy and crude and is used for summer clothing, both for men and women, is a fresh fabric, its beauty lies in the fact of always presenting a little ‘crumpled, sporty and elegant . It is often mixed with synthetic fibers or other natural fibers. It is a fabric already known in very ancient times (the Egyptians enfolded the mummies, and the Romans knew it in the imperial era.As suited to hot climates, it has the property of absorbing much moisture.

The fresh-wool is a fabric, the word itself says, summer, plain, used for men and women, worked with particularly combed merino wool yarns twisted that make it an unwearable and resistant fabric. It has a light average weight.

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