First timer in South East Asia

Is this your first trip to South East Asia? If yes, then it is a must to go through the following article before you embark on your trip to SEA. South East Asia travel is going to be one of the best trips of your life! After all, you are in an incredible part of the world and within a mix of crazy chaos and peace, modern and traditional and loads more. One thing is for sure, you are going to get hooked to SEA for life.

You have probably heard of scary stories of scams and dodgy goings on in South-East Asia. However, as a tourist, you need not worry as the South-East Asian countries are safe and incredibly friendly. You’ll be treated with respect and welcomed with warmth. So go ahead and start planning and packing. Browse hotels in Morib for a comfortable stay. There are plenty of budget airlines that run within the SEA, and you can hop from place to place by air

Another tough decision is where to stay as there are endless letting of hotels and resorts. Gold Coast Morib International Resort is a big favorite with most travelers. However, you need to book in advance to avoid last minute disappointments.

You’re probably wondering where to go or from where to start. Should you go to Thailand beaches or explore Angkor Wat first or opt for island-hopping in Halong Bay. Well, Bali seems to be the entry point for most travelers to South-East Asia.

South-East Asia is filled with an extensive network of buses and trains, and there is no need to book in advance. These trains and buses are reasonable and comfortable.

It is all about new experiences and occasionally bizarre ones once you are in South-East Asia. So be prepared for anything and do try out new things. You can jump on the back of a motorbike taxi or try out the street food and taste the snake wine. Ride in a tuk-tuk or take longboats on lakes and ferries up rivers. Sit on the roof of a bus or on the back of an elephant for a joyful ride. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, can take a tour on their own. They can go cycling around Myanmar.

Explore the countryside and places like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh, and Kuala Lumpur are great. The real beauty of South-East Asia is in its rural countryside’s where you come across soaring limestone cliffs and vast stretches of rice paddies.

Don’t carry fancy clothes and pack light, as South-East Asia is hot, year-round.  So, you would be sweating a lot and would be out on the roads. There is no need to act stingy as your Sea holiday will turn out to be very reasonable. However, don’t be afraid to negotiate or haggle.

Although South-East Asian countries are safe, one should be wary of strangers who reproach you and try to be friendly or just want to practice English. There are scams to watch out for, but if you are careful, you are safe. There are swindlers on the roads selling fake art or touts for karaoke bars that turn out to be brothels. It is a good idea to book your hotel in advance so that you are not at the mercy of the touts. Use your common sense and judgment if you think that a situation feels dangerous. Believe in your instincts but don’t be scared.

South-East Asia is a fantastic place for travelers, it is unique, exciting and affordable. Let yourself loose and experience something new every moment and enjoy!

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    I’m in love with Asia…it’s an amazing place!

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    I lived in South East Asia and travelled everywhere there your made some very good points here Great article babe xoxo Cris

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    Great tips, and the photos are awesome! I’d love to go there at leat once in my life, it must be a unique experience ^^

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