Fotor the best free alternative to PicMonkey

Photo editing has become more popular than ever, but with the cost and difficulty of Photoshop, many people feel lost. That’s where Fotor the best free alternative to Picmonkey available online.
Fotor is 100% free online professional photo editor quickly and easily to apply photo effects, add frames, graphics and text.
Made simple and fun: using Fotor photo editor for IOS or for PC on, you can resize your photos, crop them, adjust the lighting curve, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness, adjust the tone and colors, or just straighten a crooked shot.

PicMonkey is no longer free: is the best alternative to editing photos online

PicMonkey has become a payment, but there are similar sites and totally free to edit pictures online. Among all the alternatives, the best online application for editing photos online is Fotor.
You can also add photo effects, make-up retouch, photo frames, clip art, text, card, cover, stickers or use our unique color splash, mosaic, and tilt shift tools for all occasions.
Besides, have you ever thought of being a director and achieve your personal movies with a nice soundtrack and special photo effects for holiday? offers free online Halloween clip arts, graphics effects, backgrounds for collages, new filters and new fonts in perfect horror style

On Fotor you can create artistic projects with template and writing, for example, such as posters or party invitations.
Soon will Halloween be the best opportunity to create great Wishes photo card amazing and unique.
You can quickly turn your photos into Halloween creation by using one of the unique Halloween background. Halloween overlays include carved pumpkins, creepy bats, black cats, and spooky texts. Click on the sample photo to the left and start making awesome Halloween pictures now!

Halloween: Treat ‘N Trick free photos effect with

Fotor has added new Halloween features to to make your photos pack a stronger punch than a witches potion boiling in an evil cauldron.
I bet you are eager to know about this new feature, so let’s get started already!

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