Great Inflatable toys for pool and garden

Great Inflatable games for a beach of garden BBQ

As the weather gets warmer, people like to get outside more and there are few better ways to share the sunshine with friends that organizing a barbecure in your backyard or at the beach. If you are thinking to buy a brand new one have a look at liveoakbbq. The food is good, everybody is having a great time, and the conversation is flowing. However, you also need to provide entertainment for any little ones who come to the party such as Water Games toy rental.

In recent years there has been a trend towards inflatable toys for just such an occasion. The reasons behind this are numerous. Not only are they easy to deflate and store after use, but their lightweight nature also means that children don’t face any danger while playing with them. Couple that with low costs and the sheer volume of inflatable toys available and you have the perfect choice for entertaining the kids while the adults enjoy the BBQ together.

With that in mind, we have compiled a short list of inflatable toys that we think would be perfect for your party.

The Paddling Pool

Grated, you will usually need a fair amount of space to set up an inflatable paddling pool in your garden. However, once it is inflated and filled, you will find children have hours of fun. Plus, the water offers them a chance to cool off it the sun gets a little too intense. The only word of warning we would offer is to ensure there is enough space between the, as this prevents water from getting places it shouldn’t be.

The Roller Wheel

A fairly new innovation in inflatable toys, the roller wheel offer children the chance to enjoy a little bit of rough and buy inflatable tumble track, while also protecting them with an inflatable shield. It’s a lot of fun and you may even find that a couple of adults want to give it a try when you bring it to the party.

Beach Balls

A classic inflatable toy that doesn’t get any less fun with age, the beach ball can be used for games of catch or as a soccer ball. Better yet, its light weight ensures any errant kicks or throws can’t cause any damage to whatever the ball ends up hitting.

Inflatable Microphones and Instruments

Everybody loves a good singsong and the inflatable microphone is perfect for when you want to bust out a song at the party. Kids love them because they can be used as toys for mini-swordfights and adventures. Plus, they are great for group photographs. You and your friends can even enjoy a little bit of air band play. Buy it with Free Shipping here.

Pool Rafts

If you’re at the pool or the beach, there really are few better feelings than being able to lounge around while letting the water carry you. Inflatable pool rafts, which come in all shapes and sizes, allow you to relax while enjoying the sun and water. Better yet, they are great safety devices for children, who can keep hold of them to ensure they stay safe when swimming in deeper waters. Of course, adult supervision is always recommended.


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