Reemergence in the fashion world this season one of the greatest decades of all time,the 90’s style.
90s fashion might not have been the most glamorous one, but sure it was the most light-hearted one.
The return of the 90s seems extremely close and no doubt the most aggressive fashion victim will welcome with pleasure the trend.
Let’s take a dip into the past to tell the most memorable fashion moments of the ’90s, back in style trends of 2014.
Among the styles that have dominated the scene of the ’90s, you can not appoint the grunge style: apparel like a flannel shirt paired with an hat was a common look.
If you own the grunge style that you want to recreate, wearing ripped jeans on the knees and a plaid shirt or a top crop.
And at the foot? No doubt the amphibians, which is connected undone
This is the years of the Dr. Martens were absolutely the thing to wear on your feet.
for a more minimalist look instead,the babydoll dresses were very popular in the ’90s, and were usually short-sleeved and floral-print.

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63 Risposte

  1. Antonella C'est moi

    L’abito mi piace con tutti quei girasoli un abbraccio e buon venerdì

  2. Lilli

    Ciao Pamela, a me piace molto la moda anni ’90, sarà che mi ricorda la mia infanzia!:) Lo stile grunge è uno dei miei preferiti, ho indossato tanto le dr martens e ne vorrei un nuovo paio. Buon fine settimana, un bacio!

  3. Francesca R

    Gli anni 90 sono stati un po’ sciapi, io c’ero ma qualche chicca stilistica ce l’hanno regalata!

  4. Eline

    I absolutely love the 90’s fashion! I just bought a pair of vintage ’90 Moschino trousers and oooh i’m in love :D

  5. Launna

    I think the baby doll dresses were cute… I didn’t mind the 90’s style but sometimes it was a little dark :)