Gulets a Boat from Tradition, Cruising in Modern Comfort

Cruises have always been popular even ever since there have been vacations and free time. In Turkey there are the big ocean liners that people do choose for their holiday experience but there is a more traditional option that is steadily becoming more popular. These are gulet cruises which are more traditional-style wooden boats that also have the modern comforts that many holiday-makers require. This amazing blend has given life to a new type of cruise experience that has a small number of passengers leading to a more personal and unique holiday.

These boats have a rich history in the Mediterranean region as they were once used for many day to day jobs such as short-range cargo, sponge diving or fishing trawler. While these tasks now have modern equipment or alternative methods to complete them, this does has not made these vessels obsolete.

Many new Gulets have been built with the purpose of cruising the peaceful Turquoise coast. As these cruises are designed from small vessels, usually ranging from smaller 8-person capacity to the larger 32 persons, they have few people and only a few crew members which makes the whole holiday much more relaxed and friendly.

These Gulet Cruises are using a classic design but with a modern flare, each of the cabins are decorated with polished wood and some colours that are traditionally used in Turkey. The decking and seating area are laid out in way to make the most of the space for people to enjoy nature as they sail. Gulet Cruise AlaTurka is just one company that specialises in these type of cruises. Although they do also arrange other types of tours, the gulet routes travel to the best and most dazzling locations.

The Journey

These cruises vary in route, luxury level, and length of time. This flexibility allows for a uniqueness that no other holiday activities have. If you are interested to see other parts of Turkey, a gulet cruise can simple be a short part of your tour, taking you along the coast in comfort and style.When beginning the voyage you can set off from the gorgeous harbour town of Fethiye, or from the port down of Demre just outside of Olympos.

If you choose the cruise that starts in Fethiye, your first stop will be Oludeniz beach followed by a stunning nature preserve called Butterfly Valley. This area is famous for its exclusivity as it is only reached by boat. When the butterflies are coming out it is said to be like a small piece of the Garden of Eden.

Heading away from the touristic Oludeniz beach, the cruise makes its way along the coast line stopping at small islands to explore and bays perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Alternatively the captain will drop anchor in one of the famous bays for some lunch and some snorkelling.

The natural beauty at each of the stops is breathtaking and the experience is only enhanced once you enter the water. Under the water’s surface is a whole new fascinating vista with the schools of small fish swimming around with a few larger fish swimming here and there. The endangered Loggerhead Turtles also are found swimming and feeding in these warm waters.

When reaching port at the destination there is always something to experience. This journey ends in the village of Olympos where there are ancient ruins from different cultures throughout history, including the Lycians, Romans and Greeks.

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