How To Wear Baseball Caps Without Looking Like A Teenager

Wearing a baseball cap was always something men enjoyed but the debate surrounding them is now more controversial than ever. Many believe the baseball cap is just for teenagers while older people should never wear it. As with almost everything in fashion, the reality is different. While the fashion world is split and you will always find people on both sides of the debate, the truth is there are always ways to adapt your style. This means you can easily wear those loved custom made caps and not look like a teenager. As always, you need to see how you can wear these caps instead of simply giving up. If you do love your baseball caps and you do want to learn how to wear them, here are some tips to help you do just that.

Luxe Minimalism
One of the best ways to accessorize with a baseball cap is to opt for a minimal, clean and understated look in headwear. Expand that to everything else to get an extra appeal. Different tactile fabrics like corduroy, wool or suede can be considered. You basically add some luxury to your headgear, especially when you use some wardrobe staples like slim-fit chinos and lightweight jackets.

Getting Ready For Summer
For many men the baseball cap is a summer essential, just like sunscreen, picnics and beer. The caps are useful for so much more than just not getting blinded by the sun. With the appropriate style you can easily add personality to your t-shirt and bog shorts look.
Use the cap in order to tie the outfit together when at the beach by choosing one that has the exact same color as another outfit part. Sandals and shirts are really good choices for most people. The top you choose needs to always go well with the other layers you add though. This is because you never know when your day attire needs to become night attire.

Wearing Caps With Suits
Years ago it was preposterous to wear a suit and a baseball cap. People really hated that but now it is completely acceptable in modern fashion. In fact, this is quite a contemporary look when you tie it together in the proper way. What you need to avoid is looking like a teenager. You do this by choosing a premium, simple baseball cap and you add a blazer that is unstructured, all over your t-shirt. Add some really crisp sneakers and you have a great look, one that was not even considered during the nineties.

When In The Streets
There is a love affair between street wear and high fashion but we are only in the starting phase. This is a look that is still not that accepted so you do want to be particularly careful. What you should do is to go for something that is subtle. A great way to combine street wear with high fashion is to take a dad cap baseball style or a t-shirt with a logo to combine with jeans or cropped trousers. This embraces the public acceptance of street wear and you do not look like you try too hard.

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