Medical Conditions That Triggers Hair Loss & Recovery Tips

Nobody would want to see that day in their life when they have to wear wigs due to a medical condition. It’s simply a nightmare, right? But for some people, these nightmares come true as they suffer from medical conditions that directly affect their hair. We all know that hair plays a major role in making us confident, and when patients are already traumatized by health issues, they can’t compromise with confidence to face the society.

That’s why choosing a right and good quality wig for patients is critical. If someone you love is going through medical hair loss, make sure that risky procedure of hair transplant stays miles away them. Let’s have a look at three major medical conditions that intensely affect our hair and causes major hair loss.


Cancer is a deadly disease if proper treatment is not received on time (which includes several sessions of chemotherapy). This treatment contains chemicals that directly affect hair, making it thin to such an extent that the most patients end up losing all. Taking care of thin hair will not help in this situation as the hair follicles get destroyed completely during the therapy.

Natural hair wigs for cancer do wonders by providing full head coverage. A custom wig would be great to have because patients can customize it according to their comfort.


Alopecia is an autoimmune disease. It is a medical condition in which the immune system mistakenly starts to destroy healthy hair follicles. Patient suffering from alopecia starts losing hair in patches that gives a very bad appearance to their scalp. There are many types of medication as well as surgical treatments for Alopecia that comes with a heavy cost. A smart move in this medical condition is to go for natural hair wig that can be customized in terms of length, color, lace, etc. Wigs are far more affordable than the medication process, especially the surgical procedure. It will give an all natural look to the patient and would be extremely comfortable as it is customized according to the patient’s need.


This medical disorder is also known as hair pulling disorder. A person suffering from Trichotillomania can’t resist the urge of pulling the body hair. Mainly, there are four regions where this urge is irresistible:

  • Head hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelashes
  • Genital area
  • Beard or mustache

Despite brutal pain, the person never stops pulling his/her own hair and end up losing a lot of them. Wearing a custom wig for this medical condition would be a great idea as it is made with special care. Scalp of the patient is already damaged due to the forcible pulling of hair, that’s why wig has to be comfortable and made up of a soft material. A custom wig can provide every comfort.

Buy only natural custom wigs

We have already mentioned that custom wigs are good to go for medical patients but if you ask ‘WHY?’, here is the answer!

Getting a natural wig will give look and feel of real hair on your head. No one would notice the wig as it appears just like the natural hair. Custom wigs from top hair system designers and suppliers are really amazing. You can select an appropriate base size, base type, lace style and the list goes on and on. Custom wig fit like a glove and looks amazing.

Having hair is not just about looking good but also about confidence. Without this important element, the person suffering from above three medical conditions can lose all hope to face the world. That’s why a good quality wig is always recommended when you want to live your life to the fullest and kick baldness out of your life.

Lordhair understands hair loss and brings only top quality natural wigs for medical conditions that give the look and feel of real hair at an affordable price. Browse hair system catalog to discover modern hair replacement solutions for medical conditions.

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  1. Królowa Karo

    Losing your hair is a terrible thing. It’s good that you can buy natural wigs that give you a sense of comfort.