Needle-Free Botox for Your Bladder is now a Reality

A large number of people, the world over, suffer from an over active bladder. This medical condition causes sudden, involuntary contractions of the muscles that form the walls of the bladder. The condition is characterized by the urgent need to urinate and involuntary loss of urine. In addition, it has a negative effect on the quality of life of the sufferer. OAB is also the most prevalent type of bladder disorder. It affects about 39 million people in the US alone and 66 million Europeans.


What causes Overactive Bladder (OAB)? 

This medical condition can result from the following:

  • A side-effect of medications prescribed for non-urinary problems,
  • Bladder infections,
  • Pelvic muscle weakness as a result of child birth,
  • Pelvic muscle weakness resulting from the thinning of the urethra lining after menopause.
  • Failure of the bladder to close properly.

Treatment Options for Overactive Bladder

There are a number of treatment options for OAB, including:

  • Surgery

Surgery can help correct poor bladder support, thus helping the bladder to close properly.

  • Behavioural Therapy

Bladder control can be improved through tailor made regime of exercise and instructions for particular individuals. These exercises help strengthen the pelvic muscles, which in turn help patients to regain and maintain continence as well as improve pelvic support.

  • Prescription Medications

This medical condition can be treated through prescription medications, which is the first line of therapy. This treatment option is effective, but it is associated with unpleasant side effects. Available data shows that in 50% of the cases, use of medications is ineffective and is also associated with adverse side effects.

  • Using an Electrical Stimulation Device

This treatment option involves implanting an electrical stimulation device through surgery. This device helps disrupt the pathway of the tibial nerve. The main disadvantages of this treatment option include:

  • Causing pain
  • Failure of the device to work properly, thus necessitating repeat surgeries to replace the battery.
  • Frequent breakdown of the electric device, which requires replacement from time to time through surgery.

Because of these problems, manufacturers of these devices are planning to develop smaller versions that may not involve surgery.

  • Using Botox for treating Overactive Bladder (OAB)

The use of Botox (botulinum toxin) was approved by the FDA in 2011 to treat overactive bladder. This is not the same as the usual Botox treatment you get at a clinic like
The current method involves the use of a cytoscope as well as a needle to help inject the Botox into the walls of the bladder. In addition, the method is very expensive, can cause infection and pain, and also requires local anesthesia or sedation. As a matter of fact, the treatment option involves 20 to 30 injection sites and can lead to urinary tract infections. It also needs to be performed under sedation in most cases.

  • Using Needle-Free Botox (VensiCare system)

There is good news for you if you are suffering from overacting bladder: Needle-Free Botox for Your Bladder is now a Reality. An Israeli company is now developing a catheter that is ultrasound based that can be used to deliver Botox into wall of the bladder without causing pain and without using needles. The name of this company is Vensica and the product that being developed is known as VensiCare system. The procedure involves opening pores in the tissue and ‘pushing’ the drug through them. It can be performed in a doctor’s clinic or office without the need for anesthesia. Vensica has actually improved the existing method of treating OAB which is actually meant to reduce patient discomfort.

Advantages of the VensiCare System

The Vensicare system is associated with the following advantages:

  • It is not as expensive as the method that is currently in use,
  • It does not lead to urinary tract infections,
  • It is not painful since it does not involve the use of needles,
  • It can be done in a doctor’s clinic or office,
  • Is not invasive,
  • It simplifies the treatment of over-active bladder. This is because direct visualization of the bladder wall is not required.
  • It does not require an operating room, which means it is simpler and more convenient.
  • It is credited with improving patient’s satisfaction. This is because it is not painful and no sedation is required.
  • The procedure is less risky: This is because it does not require the use of needles, thus eliminating potential infections associated with injections.
  • The VensiCare System is very effective and will improve the quality of life for millions of OAB sufferers.

The best news for all OAB sufferers is the development of the Needle-Free Botox for the bladder. This treatment option is set to revolutionalise the treatment of OAB the world over, leading to improved lives.


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