Pick the perfect flower for your partner

When it comes to flower sending it’s most certainly the thought that counts, but choosing the right arrangement can be a difficult decision. Does your partner’s personality communicate the types of flowers they should receive?

A recent study by Serenata Flowers, one of the UK’s leading online florists analysed traits associated with the birth month flowers for every month of the year and correlated this with key traits from the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator to reveal the best flowers for any occasion.

Personality types

The findings uncovered that indicators introversion, sensing, thinking and judging found in personality type ISTJ correlate with the traits of the birth flower Aster / Myosotis. A calm, reserved and formal character, they share the birth flower traits of patience, love and passion. People who have careers as doctors, civil engineers and property managers tend to have this personality type. This flower is a vivid and vibrant violet known as the royal colour which is signifies tradition, success and admiration.

Further findings revealed that people in creative jobs like choreographers, massage therapists and editors tend to have the personality indicators extroversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving. The perfect flower match for ENFP is the lily of the valley which aligns with their creative, passionate and charming character.

Those born in December have the birth month flower Poinsettia which carry traits that match with the ENTJ personality type. They are extroverts and natural thinkers who call on their intuition to judge a situation. A logical, driven and successful character, they share the birth flower traits of drive, success and extroversion, whilst those born in January have the birth month flower Carnation which share the INTP personality traits of curiosity, love and care.

The language of flowers

The language of flowers, known as Floriography is a cryptological communication through the arrangement of flowers which dates back to the Victorian era and was used to share secret messages with friends and loved ones. Whether consciously or subconsciously, are we picking colours which link back to our personalities?

As a nation of flower givers it seems we select flowers which represent more than the occasion of which we are buying for and this study has shown that many factors can attribute to our colour choices so when you’re next picking out a bouquet whether for yourself, a loved or a colleague why not try the new flower generator tool to help you make the perfect match.

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