Shipping forwarding service from USA & UK to the entire world

Buy clothing or beauty products online from USA and UK stores, the high costs of international shipments and the long waiting times and customs clearance of packages, do not encourage purchase.
Today, however, the solution that allows anyone exists and is called Ship7, a company that offers an extremely easy procedure for forwarding even for the less experienced. With Ship7 it will be possible to buy for example on US sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom and many others.

How does it work Ship7’s services

Ship7 is a company which offers forwarding services Tax-free option from the USA & UK to the entire world. It provides its customers the ability to get shipping addresses in either country and lower rates for international shipping. Ship7 is a large warehouse located in the United States. It provides a package forwarding service that allows anyone to buy freely from US sites that do not offer shipping outside of the US borders.

To use the service, register an account on the Ship7 portal. Once activated, in very few steps the system will assign a real American postal address or UK address to which to send all orders placed on e-commerce sites.

By accessing your personal area, you can constantly monitor the arrival of your packages at the address. It is possible to send an infinite number of packages to your USA address and decide freely when to request international shipping from the USA to Italy for example. When the shipment is booked, the staff of Ship7 will arrange to group all the packages received in their own name and repackage them making a single package, thus considerably reducing the overall volume of the original packaging, which translates into substantial savings on shipping rates.

Many US online retailers do not accept foreign payment methods. In this case it will be possible to take advantage of Shop For Me, an additional service through which Ship7 operators will purchase the selected items and have them delivered to their address.

How much does a Ship7 address cost?

Ship7’s rates are very advantageous (Link for Calculator here) It is possible to consult all the details of the costs of the services before the actual order through the calculator, inserting in the appropriate fields (country, state, city and postal code) as well as the value and size of the package. Payments accepted on Ship7 are among the most secure and include PayPal, Amazon Pay and Wire Transfer.

Ship7 is also a parcel depot, and offers a Fulfillment service, or order fulfillment, which allows all types of sellers, national or international, eBay users or large online stores, to outsource storage, packaging and shipping of products.
The deposit is absolutely free for the first 30 days, after which it will cost only 1 cent per kilo per day. If the products are not very large and will not stay long in the warehouse it is really a fair price. Next, there is a $ 2 withdrawal and withdrawal fee.

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