So you want to wear pearls? You’d better check this out first

So, there’s a wedding that you need to go to, or your grandson is getting a Christening? Well, in that case, it might be the best time to pull your special pearl necklace out of the drawer full of jewelry you only wear to very special occasions. That being said, pearls are indeed some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and nothing can replace their beautiful shine.

There are different tastes in the world, true, and some things might even go better than pearls on some outfits. But, pearls have a special place in every clothes designer’s heart due to the uniqueness and splendor they bring to each and every piece they enhance. If you are looking for ways in which you can don your PearlsOnly piece, you can check out these suggestions as to what are the most interesting ways in which people wear pearls these days.

Cardigan extravaganza

The word extravaganza is most likely ill-used in this context simply because there’s nothing extravagant in wearing faux pearl buttons on a cardigan. The act itself might be a bit extravagant, but the result is certainly not. It brings together a wonderful combination of stylish and modest, which in the eyes of many is a very beautiful thing. This sort of outfit can be worn at both formal parties as well as casual social events.

High heel pearl deal

When someone holds a pearl in their hand, they don’t say “I’m going to make a high heel out of you”. But that’s what happens in some situations, as the pearl high heel is real and it’s worn across multiple countries. It’s somewhat of an extravaganza but pearls are known to be very resistant, therefore it would make the perfect material for a heel, since they always seem to break at any given point.

Crown of the seas

Pearls come from the ocean and are often times considered the ocean’s treasure. What if mermaids were real and lived under the water? Would they wear crowns made out of pearls? Regardless of the answer to that question, you can do it in their stead. Wearing pearls in your hairdo is something many will be left in awe upon witnessing. In other words, you can be a real life mermaid, at least in terms of preferred jewelry if not for the back fin and complicated relationship with sailors.

Eyes are jewels but so are pearls

Your eyes don’t have to be the only jewels you have on your face. Another trend regarding pearls is the donning of these beautiful ornaments directly on the frames of your glasses. This leads to having some very classy glasses which can be used for both reading and protection against the sun, depending on their type. Either type works just fine with a nice pearl ring around them.

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