Sports And Adrenaline: The Right Equipment

For this New Year, don’t make any boring resolutions like “lose weight” or “save money”. While those kinds of things are important, why not resolve to go outside of the box for this year and take on a challenge that scares you? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then check out these three extreme sports. Each one will get your adrenaline pumping and your brain buzzing. Strap on your motorcycle helmets and let’s go!

Bungee Jumping
What You Need: high jumping spot, bungee cord, certified instructor, balls of steel

If you’ve never tried this wicked sport before, then you are in for a wild ride. Most people who bungee say that the experience is unlike anything else, as the adrenaline of falling from a great height is second to none. Even knowing that you will bounce back, doesn’t make it any less thrilling. Just make sure you follow all safety procedures and give yourself plenty of space.

Motorcycle Racing
What You Need: motorcycle helmet, motorcycle tires, Yamaha parts, nerves of steel

Even if you ride a bike on your daily commute, it’s not the same as competing in a race against other riders (and the clock). Motorcycle racing is an exciting sport and one that can give you a rush as you speed around corners. Again, be sure to wear all the requisite equipment, and get off the track immediately if you wipe out.

Hang Gliding
What You Need: tall surface, hang glider, helmet, gloves, hands of steel

You’ve probably seen people try this sport out before, and you have to admit that it looks amazing. Flying through the air is the best way to see the countryside, and the fact that you can feel the wind on your face is a huge plus. The adrenaline kicks in when you first take off and when you’re trying to land, as both are a bit tricky. Be sure to go with a professional your first time!

No matter what sport you try, as long as you have the right safety gear (like motorcycle helmets), then you will be fine. Drink in the adrenaline, and turn it into fun!

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  1. Christina

    Love the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone as a resolution! My boyfriend recently went bungee jumping and loved it. I’ll have to see if I can ever try it too, haha.

  2. Alice

    I love motor bikes :-) I would add to this list protectors for a body :-)

  3. Harija

    Love the post and thoughtful content!!
    Hope you had an amazing weekend!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts and thank you!!

  4. Paola Lauretano

    Wow, sport davvero estremi!!!

    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Lorna

    As much as I would love to drive a biker, I wouldn’t be allowed lol.

  6. S

    In sport del genere l’equipaggiamento giusto è essenziale! :)

  7. Beauty Unearthly

    Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  8. Dany

    Não sou muito de aventuras, mas amei o post!
    Bem interessante!

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    Great post dear, thanks for sharing! <3 –

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    Aww! SO cool! Thanks for sharing, love!
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  11. Denise

    Carina Pamela, scusi tanti perche non ho venuto qui prima, la mia settimana fu molto cattiva :( Ma forse, oppure spero – che sia bene adesso! Eh vero, ha il bisogno di indossare le cose certa per ogni sport! Ti auguro un bellissimo fine settimana! Baci!

  12. Dili

    ma che bel post Pamela!
    Buon weekend Tesoro! Un abbraccio

  13. Ankita Bardhan

    I want to try bungee jumping this year! Great post!

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  14. Angelica | Habanero

    Articolo molto interessante, grazie Pamela.
    Bacini. Buon week, a presto.


  15. Luna

    La protezione è sempre molto importante soprattutto in sport ad alto rischio di incidenti. A me le moto hanno sempre fatto molta paura ma rimango estasiata a vederle correre. :)
    Bacione e buona domenica! :*

  16. alessandra

    ottimo post, è importante avere il giusto equipaggiamento

  17. zia consu

    Anch’io sono una centaura (della domenica e con almeno 15°C all’ombra :-P) e mi trovo molto d’accordo con i tuoi suggerimenti ^_^
    Buona domenica sera e a presto <3

  18. TruccatiConEva

    Vero, l’equipaggiamento giusto è molto importante ;)
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  19. Radi

    Oh yes this is what the new year should be about. I would love to do all these things.
    How fun and extreme!