The Top 5 Accessory Trends for Spring 2020

The first spring of the decade is around the corner, while the final show of its respective fashion month is long over, leaving a trail of emerging themes for us to indulge in. When we talk about the biggest accessory trends to hit the runways, functionality and sustainability were by far the most prevalent.

It’s as if the industry suddenly realized that our planet and its people can benefit from some positive change. But spring 2020’s focus on a more conscious approach to fashion was not without a few flightier trends. This informed us of the season’s other key message – when it comes to accessories, you do you.

Buying what you love and wearing it until it’s no longer wearable is just another way to maintain a more sustainable wardrobe. But if you’re looking to give your personal style a new breath of life, consider the following five accessory trends to elevate your spring ensembles.

Shape-Shifting Softies

Falling in line with 2020’s focus on function over form, the latest bags are large enough to tote anything you can throw at them. To prevent any subsequent loss of comfort, the likes of Hermes and Bottega Veneta crafted their bags out of soft and flexible materials, ensuring all-day wearability. If you’re picking up a bag this spring, don’t hesitate to go big.

Glowing Glasses

The latest spectacles abandon the radical shapes of seasons prior, opting to attract onlookers with fantastical colors instead. This is true for Givenchy’s moss-green shades, as well as Michael Kors’s marigold aviators and Giorgio Armani’s multicolor offerings. You can also find a wide range of newly released sunglasses on Art of Optiks.

Wider Waistlines

If an oversized gold chain makes a statement, the biggest belt trend for 2020 is nothing short of an exclamation. This is thanks in no small part to a major increase in the width department, with the likes of Miu Miu’s corset belt mere inches away from easily being mistaken for a skirt.

In all fairness, the trend is not without a number of surprising benefits. To start, they’re super versatile, pairing effortlessly with any dress, skirt or pants you put on your person. They’ll also do your figure a favor, creating an instant hourglass shape. Opt for a monochrome piece for maximum versatility.

Chunky Chains

Spring 2020 has blessed us normal folk with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a rapper. Or, at least get a taste of how it feels to dress like one. All you need is a chunky gold chain and a top to match. With the latter, just about anything goes, but the best options include blazers, sweaters, and turtlenecks.

Handless Helpers

Fanny packs have proven to be a major success, inspiring designers to find more ways to enable hands-free accessorizing. From Gucci gloves you can slide your lipstick into to necklaces for your lighter and holsters for your earphones, there are more than enough ways to stay equipped this spring.


What accessories will you be sporting in 2020? With so many trends to choose from, there’s no shame in choosing more than one.

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