Tips for How to Power Wash Cladding or Siding

One of the reasons you had cladding fitted to your home is probably to minimize the maintenance that you need to do.
However, this does not mean there is no maintenance that needs to be done!  Pressure washing is one of the most important jobs that should be done at least annually. This will help to keep your house looking its best but it will also help to ensure the cladding does its job properly and lasts for at least 10 years.
It is also worth noting that using a professional service, such as Peter Bracey to install the cladding will help to extend its life and effectiveness; simply because it is installed properly.
Here are some tips to help you power wash your cladding without damaging your home.

Gas Is best
You may already have an electric pressure washer but a gas powered one will make the job much quicker.
The reason is that gas powered will have a much higher flow rate; ensuring the dirt is removed quickly and effectively.
In general an electric pressure washer will take twice as long as a gas one.

Detergent First
The first step in washing is to use a soaping nozzle on your pressure washer. This will allow you to apply the detergent to all of the cladding.
It is advisable to get an extending wand that will allow you to soap the very top of your cladding and then work downwards. You can’t stand on a ladder when pressure washing as the force of the water can cause you to fall off.
You also need to get the right detergent for the job. Again it is worth speaking to the professional who installed the cladding for you. They can wash it for you but they will also recommend the best detergent for your type of cladding.
When you apply the detergent you need to hold your soaping nozzle approximately 3 feet from the cladding. Then gradually move it closer until you see the dirt and grime coming off.
You should never go closer than 1 foot and the further you are away the less risk you’ll have of damaging your cladding. But you do need to be close enough to clean it.

Brush First
If you have a brush attachment then you can use this to apply the detergent and agitate the grim on your cladding.
You’ll then be able to remove the brush and use clean water through the regular nozzle to see instant results.

There are several things to note before you start:

  • Always check the area round where you are pressure washing to ensure there are no trip hazards.
  • Know where the power lines are; your extension wand may be tall enough to touch a power line and electrocute you; that’s not a good idea.
  • Always use eye protection to avoid getting dirt and grime in your eyes.
  • As already mentioned don’t pressure wash while stood on a ladder; you risk being forced off.
  • Tape over all vents and openings on your house to ensure the water is only going on the cladding and not inside your home.

If you adopt a safe approach pressure washing your cladding can actually be fun.

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