Top 3 Fashion Trends in 2018 – Prepare Your Shopping List!

The fashion world never stays constant and it is one of the principal beauties that make shopping all the more fun and interesting. Every year new trends emerge in the fashion world for both men and women and you must know those trends and make your shopping list accordingly so that you can wear fashion apparel and present your best version to the crowd.

The followings are the top 5 fashion trends dominating in India currently for both men and women. You can get all of these dresses on eBay and instead of offline outlet shopping, it is always profitable to buy it online. Do not forget to apply eBay coupons while checking out to get a huge discount on the purchase price.

For Men

Color Variations – Semi-formal wears will still be the trend for men in 2018. But there will be a lot of color variations available instead of just black and white. The interest in colors like green and lavender and various just soft colors is increasing significantly as men are ready to go out of their comfort zone. Furthermore, attention is being paid to wearing the right accessories to look stunning. The trend of monochrome or one color outfit will flourish.
Customization and Fusion – Indian men are very eager to try out various western outfits that have Indian style fused into them. The reason is that such dresses are unique and give an instant boost to the personality for everyone to notice immediately. For Indo-Western outfits, customization is the trend in 2018 for men’s fashion world.
Abstract Arts – Men have accepted the trend of wearing dresses with abstract arts. Previously, it was a monopoly of the women. Starting form florals, quirky objects to abstracts and pastels works, men have started to prefer buying shirts, sherwanis, Nehru jacket, and even dhoti pants based on them.
If you are buying them online, you can use eBay coupons to get huge discounts on individual products or on the collective purchase while checking out. The discount ranges from 10% to 50% and it is something you will never get if you shop offline from outlets.

For Women

Lengthy Jackets – Jackets used to be a monopoly for men but 2018 will be the year when women across the world will accept jackets as a regular dress just like celebrities and influencers. Lehengas, Sarees, and gowns have hit the market with paired embroidered, embellished and plain jackets. Some of the jackets are up to knee length while others are floor-touching ones. They help to provide a contrast for the base dress.
Pre-Draped Ethnic Outfits – There is a craze among women regarding ethnic dress. This is what makes them more Indian than western but wearing ethnic dresses like Sarees needs some skills. That is why women are opting for pre-draped outfits that come with all the arrangements and you just need to put it on just like any western dress. Along with these, fashion belts are emerging as a popular trend in 2018.
Trends In Sleeves – Sleeveless and full-sleeved dresses are outdated dresses as more and more dresses are emerging either with flooring touching sleeves or knee-length sleeves. Even silt and pleated sleeves with such length variants will look great. Long Kurtas with front slit and bell sleeves will make a comeback in 2018 in women’s fashion world in India.
Go ahead and prepare your shopping list according to the latest fashion trends that will dominate in 2018. It is better to shop online because these dresses may not be available yet in certain offline outlets. If you buy them from eBay, definitely use eBay Coupons to cut down your purchase price significantly.

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