22 – Travel in style: How to look chic and feel comfortable in the air

It would be fair to say that the emergence of budget airlines means that air travel is hardly the chic and exclusive method of transport that it once was. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean to say that you don’t have to travel in style.

In fact, traveling fashionably is regarded as one of the key ways to convince airlines that you deserve one of those elusive business class seats (we are talking about free upgrades, of course). Bearing this in mind, particularly with the same airlines seemingly attempting to cram in as many economy seats as their planes will allow, watching what you wear as you travel is seen as a very important stage.

Of course, there is a happy medium here. On one hand, you want to look the part, but on the other you want a degree of comfort. Let’s not forget that some of these flights can last the best part of a whole day, so comfort is a big factor as well. Let’s now take a look at some of the best suggestions to help you along.

Don’t ever consider heels

What’s the primary method to look chic? It’s to turn to heels, of course. At the same time, this is the primary way to kill your feet when it comes to traveling.

Nowadays, airports seem to have been converted into gymnasiums. In other words, you are primed for a full body workout – with the walks between terminals ridiculous to say the least. Ultimately, heels are a definite no-go.

So, what should you wear? For men this is completely easy, and just looking at www.dunelondon.com/mens-chelsea-boots-dept3704/ should help you along your way. For women, flats or even sneakers will suffice – although obviously you should look to stay as sophisticated as possible with these to make the best impression.

Dark colors can do you no-end of favors

We’ve all heard the reports about airplanes and how they are hardly offer the cleanest environment to their travelers. Well, this is something that does affect your choice of clothes. Opt for light colors and you are asking for stains and general dirtiness to follow you when you land. Go for a dark color and such concerns are alleviated; they just blend into the fabric.

Avoid skinny jeans at all costs

For the sake of comfort, if there was one garment that we would strictly suggest that you don’t opt for it would be skinny jeans. Sure, this might be your go-to item on a day-to-day basis, but when it comes to air travel you should avoid them at all costs. Let’s not forget that you are going to be sat stationary for hours upon end, and skinny jeans just aren’t designed for such a purpose.

It’s not just normal “comfort” that comes into the equation here, either. You have also got to consider your health; if your legs are sat in such tight clothing for a long period of time it can enhance the chances of issues such as deep vein thrombosis occurring. Considering the fact that this can be life-threatening, it’s worth opting for pants a little looser this time.

Go wrinkle-free

No, this final suggestion isn’t about how planes can wreak havoc with your skin complexion. Instead, it’s all about keeping your clothes free of wrinkles.

The nature of air travel means that any garment that can wrinkle, will most certainly do so. It means you need to opt for fabrics that are soft and silky – which also correlates with the comfortability-factor.

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