What Exercise is Social and Allows You to Look Fashionable at the Same Time?

Going to the gym is all well and good, but wearing the same snazzy gym outfit as the other ladies working out doesn’t make much of a fashion statement. It’s more a case of looking the same as the other people jogging on the treadmill or lifting weights. Is there another way?

How can you get some aerobic exercise while dressed to impress? Ice Skating is the surprising answer. You can dress in some warm clothing, look poised on the ice once you know what you’re doing, and you get to exercise unused muscle groups too.

Let’s look a little more into ice skating to see if there are some other benefits too.

Get Social on the Ice

Ice skating is not something that you have to do alone. There are plenty of options to bring a friend or a romantic partner. Some ice rinks run date nights, disco nights and other themed evenings to bring in the crowds. Their main focus is to make it fun for people. They have expensive overhead lighting rigs akin to the lighting you’d find on a theater stage, and a quality sound system too.

Getting conversion started is easier at the ice rink too because of the shared experience and, at times, the shared difficulty in learning how to skate successfully. It gets people to open up more because being silent and unsmiling is a waste of time in this setting.

Looking Your Best

The prerequisite for going ice skating is to wear some warmer clothing than the outside climate might indicate. The temperature for indoor ice rinks must be kept cold enough to keep the ice from melting, which gives you some idea about the type of clothing that’s suitable. The clothes should be loose and easy to athletically move around, and you should possibly dress in multiple layers. Do bear in mind that if you fall down, you may hit a puddle of water, so your top layer may get soaked. Dress accordingly and bring a spare top layer to swap out after your skating is over just in case.


Looking the part means skipping the generic ice skates that the ice rink will rent you and using the best figure skates to look like you fit in. These tend to be unadorned which means your outfit can be more colorful. The rented skates tend not to be well-maintained and can be poor fitting, which may cause painful blisters. Buying your own set of skates is always best if you decide to take up ice skating as a regular hobby.

Romance in Spades

There are plenty of movies over the years that have included a scene at an ice rink. One of the better-known ones is Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale where they skated on the Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park, New York.

For couples, going ice skating often evokes Hollywood memories of famous scenes taking place on the ice. As a date idea, it’s a cool one too because it gets the two of you talking and sharing something perhaps you’re both not too familiar with. It puts things on a level playing field and cuts the dating tension nicely. Holding hands (for balance, of course!) is optional.

Ice skating is a fun activity to enjoy. Whether with a loved one, or a gathering of friends and family, there’s no reason why you cannot explore your fashionable side while taking to the ice.

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